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RE: WWWdocs updates

>this patch updates webpage to mention memory tester and some of 4.2/4.3
>that probably worth to be mentioned to end user. OK?
>H. J., Zdenek, I also noticed that the new SSE instructions and
>are not mentioned.  I guess we ought to mention explicitely at least
>the new command
>line switches.

Denis, can you provide a patch for to mention SSSE3 support for gcc 4.3?
You can check out wwwdocs with

# cvs -z 3 -d co wwwdocs

You may need to run cvs login first.

>Index: gcc-4.2/changes.html
>RCS file: /cvs/gcc/wwwdocs/htdocs/gcc-4.2/changes.html,v
>retrieving revision 1.16
>diff -c -p -r1.16 changes.html
>*** gcc-4.2/changes.html	17 Oct 2006 22:36:15 -0000	1.16
>--- gcc-4.2/changes.html	11 Dec 2006 12:24:38 -0000
>*** 117,122 ****
>--- 117,130 ----
>  <h2>New Targets and Target Specific Improvements</h2>
>+ <h3>x86</h3>
>+   <ul>
>+     <li><code>-mtune=generic</code> can now be used to generate code
>running well
>+     on common x86 chips (for GCC 4.2 it includes AMD Athlon, AMD
>+     Pentium-M, Intel Pentium 4 and Intel Core 2.
>+     <LI><code>-mtune=native</code> and <code>-march=native</code>
>produce code
>+     optimized for host architecture detected using <code>cpuid</code>
>+   </ul>

-mtune=native in gcc 4.2 generates less optimized code for Pentium M,
Core Duo and Core 2 Duo without this patch:


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