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Re: [fortran, patch] Fix handling of printf-style position specifiers of the form "%3$d" in error.c (PR29711)

Tobias Burnus wrote:
   Error: Symbol '%s' referenced at %L not found in module '%s'
is then in German
   Fehler: Bei %2$L referenziertes Symbol »%1$s« nicht im Modul »%3$s«
(Error: At %L referenced symbol '%s' not found in module '%s')

That is the first and the second argument have swapped position. As one
is not required to build with native language support, I don't see how
this could be reliably automatically tested.

Actually, I'm not quite sure whether this should be "referenced" or
"referred"; I think it should be "referred" in this case. At least I get
his error message for  "use mod, only: nonexisting" and Richard Main wrote:
"In this particular case, although "referred to" has an awfully similar
root to "referenced", it isn't the same word and the distinction was
intentional. It would have said "referenced" if that's what it meant. I
don't recall why a more clearly different term such as "appears" wasn't
used; maybe there was a reason. Anyway... by the "normal English
meaning", the name in an ONLY is referring to something - that's what
names do."

A valid point. I agree that, if we use the specific meanings of the words that the standard uses, "referred to" is correct here and "referenced" is incorrect. And I think it's probably worth having the gfortran error messages use the standard's definitions when possible.

(Note that the appropriate correction is s/referenced/referred to/, not just s/referenced/referred/, though. I would think that's the sort of obvious change that probably doesn't need approval, but I'd probably ask to be safe anyway. And it would certainly need a regression check, to make sure there aren't test files depending on the current wording.)

- Brooks

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