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This removes a now-unused awful hack, named SMT_USED_ALONE.

The aliasing changes from yesterday make it useless, and removing us
gives us about a 3-5% compilation speed increase.

As this is a reversion of a series of patches i committed, I don't think i need approval to commit it. I'll wait till the end of the day in case anyone objects.

On a side note, if anyone has any more testcases that take an absurd
amount of memory in aliasing anymore, *please* send them to me (absurd
means it used to take 100 meg and now takes a gig and a half.  It's
hard to do anything about 5 or 10% regressions without seriously
affecting generated code performance, sadly)

The more things i can test against, the better tuning I can do.

I realize that aliasing has been kinda fluctuating pretty heavily in
the past month, and I apologize for any inconvenience.  I'm really
trying to find the best mix of generated code performance and compile
time speed/memory usage.  This is hard :)

Bootstrapped and regtested on i686-darwin


2006-12-05 Daniel Berlin <>

	* tree-vrp.c (pass_vrp): Remove PROP_smt_usage.
	* tree-complex.c (pass_lower_complex): Ditto.
	* tree-ssa-ccp.c (pass_ccp): Ditto.
	(pass_store_ccp): Ditto.
	* tree-ssa-dom.c (pass_dominator): Ditto.
	(pass_phi_only_cprop): Ditto.
	* tree-sra.c (pass_sra): Ditto.
	* tree-ssa-forwprop.c (pass_forwprop): Ditto.
	* tree-flow.h (updating_used_alone): Remove.
	(updating_used_alone): Ditto.
	* tree-ssa-alias.c (updating_used_alone): Remove variable.
	(lhs_may_store_to): Remove function.
	(recalculate_used_alone): Ditto.
	(compute_may_aliases): Remove used_alone calculation.
	* tree.h (struct tree_memory_tag): Remove is_used_alone and
	old_used_alone. Remove SMT_USED_ALONE and SMT_OLD_USED_ALONE.
	* tree-pass.h (PROP_smt_usage): Remove.
	* passes.c (execute_todo): Remove used alone recalculation.
	(execute_one_pass): Ditto.
	* tree-ssa-operands.c (add_virtual_operand): Remove used_alone

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