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Need GWP review (was RFC: Remove gdb complaints from

Diego Novillo wrote on 11/29/06 14:11:

I think this is more aggravating than helpful. It fills with crud my screen and from what I've heard in various places, it's not clear whether it's a gdb or a gcc bug.

Regardless of where the bug is, it certainly is very aggravating and I don't really see its usefulness.

Any strong objections to this patch?


* Disable complaints

---  (revision 119149)
+++  (working copy)
@@ -136,10 +136,7 @@
  # Put a breakpoint on internal_error to help with debugging ICEs.
  b internal_error

-# Make gdb complain about symbol reading errors.  This is so that gcc
-# developers can see and fix bugs in gcc debug output.
-set complaints 20
+set complaints 0
  # Don't let abort actually run, as it will make
  # stdio stop working and therefore the `pr' command above as well.
  # Put this last because gcc does not reference it any more unless

Could a GWP maintainer comment on this patch? An informal poll on IRC didn't produce any strong objections to the idea. But I think only GWP maintainers can actually approve this.


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