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Re: [RFA] Limit stack usage growth caused by inliner

> On Sun, Nov 05, 2006 at 10:27:25PM +0100, Jan Hubicka wrote:
> > 	* invoke.texi (large-stack-frame, large-stack-frame-growth): New params.
> > 	* cgraph.c (dump_cgraph_node): Dump stack usage.
> > 	* cgraph.h (cgraph_local_info): Add estimated_self_stack_size.
> > 	(cgraph_global_info): Add estimated_stack_size and stack_frame_offset.
> > 	* cgraphunit.c (cgraph_analyze_function): Analyze stack sizes.
> > 	* ipa-inline.c (cgraph_clone_inlined_nodes): Propagate stack usage.
> > 	(cgraph_check_inline_limits): Limit stack growth.
> > 	* cfgexpand.c: Include tree-inline.h.
> > 	(account_stack_vars): New function.
> > 	(expand_one_var): New param to just account the stack; return estimated
> > 	size.
> > 	(expand_used_vars_for_block): Update call of expand_one_var.
> > 	(account_used_vars_for_block): New function.
> > 	(estimated_stack_frame_size): Likewise.
> > 	(init_vars_expansion, fini_vars_expansion): Break out from..
> > 	(expand_used_vars): ... here.
> > 	* tree-inline.h (estimated_stack_frame_size): Declare.
> FYI, this patch causes a bunch of regressions on the trunk, x86_64-linux:
> FAIL: libgomp.c++/nested-1.C  -O0  execution test
> FAIL: libgomp.c++/nested-1.C  -O1  execution test
> FAIL: libgomp.c++/pr27337.C  -O1  execution test
> FAIL: libgomp.fortran/character1.f90  -O0  execution test
> FAIL: libgomp.fortran/omp_parse4.f90  -O1  execution test
> FAIL: libgomp.fortran/reference1.f90  -O0  execution test
> FAIL: libgomp.fortran/reference2.f90  -O0  execution test
> Reverting the {cgraph{,unit},ipa-inline,cfgexpand}.c changes cures all of
> these.

I am seeing those regressions comming and disappearing quite randomly in
our patch tester,  I wonder if you have any idea what might be causing
the problem?  (only effect of the patch should be disabling some
inlining or inlining something elsewhere instead, that should not change
any semantics so it looks like latent problem I always assumed to be in
our setup)

> 	Jakub

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