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Re: [dataflow]: PATCH: ia64 bootstrap and regression fixes

I have to correct myself here - the patch bootstrapped clean and
showed no regression on x86-64, but still seems to have extra
regressions on ia64.


On 11/27/06, Seongbae Park <> wrote:
The attached patch makes
df branch bootstrap with c,c++,fortran on ia64
with no extra regressions than the mainline.
Bootstrapped and tested on ia64 and x86-64 with no extra regressions.

2006-11-28 Seongbae Park <>

        * dbgcnt.def: Updated comments. Added new counters.
        * auto-inc-dec.c (try_merge): Debug counter.
        * global.c (global_conflicts): Use DF_RA_LIVE_TOP() instead of
        * dbgcnt.c (count, limit): Use dbgcnt.def.
        (dbg_cnt_is_enabled): New function.
        (dbg_cnt): Use dbg_cnt_is_enabled().
        * local-alloc.c (block_alloc): Use DF_RA_LIVE_TOP instead of LIVE_IN.
        Add a debug counter.
        * df.h (DF_RA_LIVE_TOP): New Macro. Remove df_urec_get_live_at_top.
        (struct df_rd_bb_info): Added new fields ADEF, AUSE and TOP.
        (struct df_urec_bb_info): Added new field TOP.
        * loop-iv.c (iv_analyze_def): Added REG_P check.
        * df-problems.c (df_lr_free_bb_info): Free new fields AUSE, ADEF and
        (df_lr_alloc): Allocate new fields TOP, ADEF, AUSE.
        (df_lr_bb_local_compute): Compute ADEF and AUSE.
        (df_lr_transfer_function): Compute TOP, and then IN based on TOP, ADEF
        and AUSE.
        (df_lr_free): Free new fields AUSE, ADEF and TOP.
        (df_ur_bb_local_compute): Partial/conditional defs don't hide
        earlier defs.
        (df_urec_alloc): Allocate new field TOP.
        (df_urec_local_finalize): Calculate TOP as well as IN.
        (df_urec_free): Free new field TOP.
        (df_urec_get_live_at_top): Removed.
        * (auto-inc-dec.o, local-alloc.o, sched-rgn.o,
        sched-ebb.o, recog.o): Added dependency on DBGCNT_H.
        * sched-rgn.c (schedule_insns, gate_handle_sched, gate_handle_sched2):
        Added debug counter.
        * config/ia64/ia64.c (enum ia64_frame_regs): New enum.
        (struct ia64_frame_info): Changed register fields to use an array
        index by enum.
        (emitted_frame_related_regs): New static variable.
        (reg_emitted, get_reg, is_emitted): New function.
        (ia64_reload_gp): Use new enum.
        (find_gr_spill): Added a new param. Use emitted_frame_related_regs.
        (ia64_computea_frame_size, ia64_hard_regno_rename_ok,
        Use emitted_frame_related_regs.
        (ia64_expand_prologue): Extra deubg output. Use new enum.
        (ia64_expand_epilogue, ia64_direct_return, ia64_split_return_addr_rtx,
        ia64_output_function_prologue, ia64_output_function_epilogue,
        Use new enum.
        (ia64_init_expanders): New function.
        (ia64_reorg): New debug counter.
        * config/ia64/ia64.h (INIT_EXPANDERS): New call to

#pragma ident "Seongbae Park, compiler,";

#pragma ident "Seongbae Park, compiler,";

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