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Re: [gfortran, testsuite] Fix bounds checking for substrings, enable bounds chekcing in dg testsuite, assorted fixes

FX Coudert <> wrote on Sat, 25 Nov 2006:

3. it fixes a number of out-of-bound accesses in testcases. The case in char_transpose_1.f90 I couldn't verify even though it is what lead to this patch, because this testcase is broken on i686-darwin due to unrelated reasons. OTOH this is the same as in char_spread_1.f90, which I could verify. g77/dnrm2.f is a bit special, because it uses the widespread syntax to imitate assumed-length arrays
dimension a(100)
call s(100, a)
subroutine s(n,a)
dimension a(1)
do i=1,n
a(i) = ...
end do
end subroutine
Maybe our bounds checking is overzealous here?

No, we're right to flag it if the user requested out-of-bounds checking. The thing is that we probably want to support it (without -fbounds-check) because it's a syntax used in so much legacy code... I think what we need is a way to tell the testsuite not to run a particular case with -fbounds-check.

It looks like -fno-bounds-check is supported. So instead of fixing the testcase I could add this as a dg-option.

Hum, why used -fno-repack-arrays? Isn't it the default behaviour
anyway? And next one: why not use -ftree-vectorize when it makes sense?
It has been shown to spot a large number of problems in both the
front-end and the middle-end.

I agree that -ftree-vectorize sounds like an interesting option. Replacing -fno-repack-arrays by -ftree-vectorize yields no new failures in the testsuite on i686-darwin.

I forgot to mention in my original mail that -fbounds-check leads to a weird failure in allocatable_functions_1.f90, which I already forwarded to Erik and Paul to look into.

- Tobi

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