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Re: [gfortran, testsuite] Fix bounds checking for substrings, enable bounds chekcing in dg testsuite, assorted fixes

3. it fixes a number of out-of-bound accesses in testcases. The case in char_transpose_1.f90 I couldn't verify even though it is what lead to this patch, because this testcase is broken on i686- darwin due to unrelated reasons. OTOH this is the same as in char_spread_1.f90, which I could verify. g77/dnrm2.f is a bit special, because it uses the widespread syntax to imitate assumed- length arrays
dimension a(100)
call s(100, a)
subroutine s(n,a)
dimension a(1)
do i=1,n
a(i) = ...
end do
end subroutine
Maybe our bounds checking is overzealous here?

No, we're right to flag it if the user requested out-of-bounds checking. The thing is that we probably want to support it (without - fbounds-check) because it's a syntax used in so much legacy code... I think what we need is a way to tell the testsuite not to run a particular case with -fbounds-check.

The list of options that we cycle through with this patch is:
{ -O0 } { -O1 } { -O2 } \
{ -O2 -fomit-frame-pointer -finline-functions } \
{ -O2 -fomit-frame-pointer -finline-functions -funroll- loops } \
{ -O2 -fbounds-check } \
{ -O2 -fno-repack-arrays } \
{ -O3 -g } \
{ -Os }]
This is a good time to speak up if you think that list is too long, your favorite option is missing, etc. I'm open to suggestions how to shorten this list, as in its current incarnation the patch will grow the list of options by 12.5%

Hum, why used -fno-repack-arrays? Isn't it the default behaviour anyway? And next one: why not use -ftree-vectorize when it makes sense? It has been shown to spot a large number of problems in both the front-end and the middle-end.


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