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Re: [gfortran, patch] PR29441: Error out for non-standard intrinsics in initialization expression

Hi FX,

FX Coudert <> wrote on Wed, 22 Nov 2006:
We used to only error out for code such as
real, parameter :: pi = 4.*atan(1.0)
if -pedantic was given, even with -std=f95. This patch fixes this by removing pedantic from the condition leading to the error.

We have nice gfc_notify_std routines, why can't we use them here? That will help getting a consistent behaviour between different cases.

With my patch, we do unconditionally. Before, the call to gfc_notify_std was only executed if -pedantic was given. So I think we agree about what should happen.

Testcase included in diff, built & tested on i686-darwin.

(FX makes a mental note. Tobias has a MacIntel...)

Would you consider building gfortran packages on a monthly (or less)
basis? I can send you my completely-automated-build-and-packaging
script if you want...

Yeah, sure.

- Tobi

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