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Re: C++ diagnostic PATCH: fix pr 8586

Hi Gaby,

2006-11-19 Gabriel Dos Reis <>

PR c++/8586
* c-opts.c (c_common_handle_option): Enable -Wwrite-strings if -Wall.

out of curiosity, I checked the documentation, and I'm not completely sure it's consistent with the new behavior of -Wall, in particular the last sentence of the below. Also, the -Wwrite-strings entry is grouped together the other options not implied by -Wall...

What do you think?



   When compiling C, give string constants the type |const
   char[|length|]| so that copying the address of one into a
   non-|const| |char *| pointer will get a warning; when compiling C++,
   warn about the deprecated conversion from string literals to |char
   *|. This warning, by default, is enabled for C++ programs. These
   warnings will help you find at compile time code that can try to
   write into a string constant, but only if you have been very careful
   about using |const| in declarations and prototypes. Otherwise, it
   will just be a nuisance; this is why we did not make -Wall request
   these warnings.


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