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[fixed-point] Patch to handle FIXED_CST and CONST_FIXED


  Here is a patch to handle FIXED_CST and CONST_FIXED in some files
and to document FIXED_CST.  Thanks!


2006-11-16  Chao-ying Fu  <>

	* gengtype.c (main): Handle FIXED_VALUE_TYPE type as scalar typedef.
	* gengenrtl.c (excluded_rtx): Check CONST_FIXED to exclude.
	* tree.c (iterative_hash_expr): Handle FIXED_CST.
	* tree.h (make_or_reuse_fract_type, make_or_reuse_accum_type): Remove
	declare, because they are static functions in tree.c.
	* cse.c (hash_rtx): Handle CONST_FIXED.
	(exp_equiv_p): Likewise.
	(cannon_reg): Likewise.
	(fold_rtx_subreg): Check CONST_FIXED.
	(fold_rtx): Handle CONST_FIXED.
	(cse_process_notes): Likewise.
	(count_reg_usage): Likewise.
	* expr.c (emit_move_insn_1): Handle fixed-point mode to move via
	* rtl.c (rtx_code_size): Check CONST_FIXED to calcualte correct sizes
	(copy_rtx): Handle CONST_FIXED.
	(rtx_equal_p): Likewise.
	* (RTL_BASE_H): Add fixed_value.h.
	(tree.o): Add dependence from fixed_value.h.
	* doc/c-tree.texi (Expressions): Document FIXED_CST.

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