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Re: [Patch, fortran] PR29642 - Fortran 2003: VALUE Attribute (pass by value)

I wrote:
On checking through this submission, as it arrived on the list, I realised that there is another testcase that I will have to write, that checks that an external C-procedure gets passed a value, if the dummy in the interface has the value attribute. Please do not hold up reviewing the patch for this, I will submit an additional patch tonight or tomorrow.
Please find the testcase below.




! { dg-do run }
! { dg-additional-sources value_4.c }
! { dg-options "-ff2c -w -O0" }
! Tests the functionality of the patch for PR29642, which requested the
! implementation of the F2003 VALUE attribute for gfortran, by calling
! external C functions by value and by reference.  This is effectively
! identical to c_by_val_1.f, which does the same for %VAL.
! Contributed by Paul Thomas  <>
program value_4

   real function f_to_f (x, y)
     real :: x, y
     value :: x
   end function f_to_f
 end interface

   integer function i_to_i (x, y)
     integer :: x, y
     value :: x
   end function i_to_i
 end interface

   complex function c_to_c (x, y)
     complex :: x, y
     value :: x
   end function c_to_c
 end interface

 real       a, b, c
 integer    i, j, k
 complex    u, v, w

 a = 42.0
 b = 0.0
 c = a
 b = f_to_f (a, c)
 if ((2.0 * a).ne.b) call abort ()

 i = 99
 j = 0
 k = i
 j = i_to_i (i, k)
 if ((3 * i).ne.j) call abort ()

 u = (-1.0, 2.0)
 v = (1.0, -2.0)
 w = u
 v = c_to_c (u, w)
 if ((4.0 * u).ne.v) call abort ()
end program value_4


/* Passing from fortran to C by value, using VALUE. This is identical to c_by_val_1.c, which performs the same function for %VAL. */

typedef struct { float r, i; } complex;
extern float f_to_f__ (float, float*);
extern long i_to_i__ (long, long*);
extern void c_to_c__ (complex*, complex, complex*);
extern void abort (void);

f_to_f__(float a1, float *a2)
 if ( a1 != *a2 ) abort();
 a1 = 0.0;
 return *a2 * 2.0;

i_to_i__(long i1, long *i2)
 if ( i1 != *i2 ) abort();
 i1 = 0;
 return *i2 * 3.0;

c_to_c__(complex *retval, complex c1, complex *c2)
 if ( c1.r != c2->r ) abort();
 if ( c1.i != c2->i ) abort();
 c1.r = 0.0;
 c1.i = 0.0;
 retval->r = c2->r * 4.0;
 retval->i = c2->i * 4.0;

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