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Re: [Fortran,patch] Add IMPORT support (PR27546)

Hi Steve et al.,

thanks for reviewing!

Steve Kargl wrote:
> I just realized that you are included the ChangeLog entry in your diff.
Actually, I didn't include the ChangeLog as diff in any of the patches,
except of those which I committed as obvious.

> You need a space. i.e., "gfc_error (".
Corrected now (several times), for my patch only.
Actually, the space is missing for several "gfc_error(" calls in that
file ...

> +      return MATCH_ERROR;
> +    }
> I don't know if its GNU Code standard or not, but I would prefer
> a blank line between blocks of code.
I hope I did do it correctly [several places], but it is a bit hard to
see where you like to have the blank line in the example above.
I think you meant after the "}".


PS: I also checked in this minimal fix of my previous check in:
[I don't understand why this got in wrong as on my read-only play SVN
tree is was ok.]

2006-11-15  Tobias Burnus  <>

       * parse.c (parse_contained): Fix indention
         of one line.

--- parse.c     (Revision 118857)
+++ parse.c     (Revision 118859)
@@ -2791,7 +2791,7 @@

        case ST_FUNCTION:
        case ST_SUBROUTINE:
-  contains_statements = 1;
+         contains_statements = 1;
          accept_statement (st);

          push_state (&s2,

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