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Re: [patch] ppc64 native target for gcc

On Nov 10, 2006, at 11:33 AM, Jack Howarth wrote:

    It seems that the following is going to work...

setenv gcc "gcc -m64"
setenv ld ld64

This last shouldn't be necessary, and definitely won't be necessary with Leopard since that's what I tested this on.

../gcc/configure --prefix=/Users/howarth/work/gcc42 --enable- languages=c,c++ --host=powerpc64-apple-darwin8 --target=powerpc64- apple-darwin8 --disable-multilib

There aren't any multilibs so that's not necessary, and I've also been passing in --build=powerpc64-darwin. Otherwise yes, that's what I'm doing.

Eric really should fix this up to make the bootstrap of the powerpc64-*-darwin*
explicitly use -m64 and ld64 since there likely will never be an stock
Apple compiler that defaults to -m64 on PPC. I would assume the same issue
applies to the x86_64-*-darwin* target he created.

Eric disagrees. I don't necessariily think that this should be any different than lying to configure
in any other way. (Which we are since config.guess returns powerpc and not powerpc64). The other way to do this would be to build a cross compiler, and then use that to build the host-x-target compiler as Mike described. That should work without much weirdness - other than the lack of a powerpc64-darwin-as/ar/ld/... there's an easy workaround for that as well though.


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