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Re: Re: [v3] Variadic templates, third revision (3/3)

On 11/6/06, Benjamin Kosnik <> wrote:
My only thought is how to use the __GXX_EXPERIMENTAL_CPP0X__ macro
with the TR1 includes that have been altered. I think that this should
definitely happen.

My suggestion is to do:

#error This file makes use of experimental C++0x features, and must be
compiled with -std=gnu++0x.

At the top of



The compiler only complains about the use of variadic templates outside system headers, so we're free to use variadic templates in libstdc++; no #ifdef necessary.

However, variadic templates will change the ABI of the TR1 facilities
that use them. For example, instead of mangling "tuple<int, float>" as
"tuple<int, float, _NullClass, _NullClass, _NullClass, _NullClass,
_NullClass, _NullClass, _NullClass, _NullClass>" (which happens now),
it will mangle as "tuple<int, float>." If this is a problem we'll
either have to do what Benjamin suggests or (*shudder*) select between
the variadic and non-variadic implementations based on


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