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[PATCH, fortran, committed] Update error messages for Emacs/GNU compatibility.

(I initially sent this to the wrong email address; thus, resending.)

Approved by Steve Kargl in IRC, committed to trunk.

This patch changes the "In file:" lines in GFortran error messages to a format which is in agreement with the GNU standards for such things, and changes the testsuite error-parsing functions to parse the new format, so that no regressions arise from the change.

Many thanks to Steve and to Jerry DeLisle for regression testing the patch while my build machine was otherwise occupied. :)

- Brooks

-fortran/ChangeLog---------------------------------------------------- 2006-11-02 Brooks Moses <>

* error.c (show_locus): Remove "In file" from error messages.

2006-11-02  Brooks Moses  <>

	* lib/gfortran-dg.exp (gfortran-dg-test): Remove expected "In file"
	from error messages.


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