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[Ada] Fix handling of task image

Tested on i686-linux, committed on trunk.

The construction of run-time names for tasks involves dynamic strings,
and therefore uses the secondary stack. To prevent storage leaks, the
construction of those names must be followed by some stack cleanup, which
is activated by indicating that the enclosing initializzion procedure
uses the secondary stack. However, if the task component appears within
a composite that includes other components that may use the secondary
stack, the cleanup must be defered until the enclosing initialization
procedure completes, and the indicator must be placed on it, rather than
on the function that constructs the name.
gnat.dg/test_image.adb should execute silently.

The run-time structure used to manage interface conversions was
not complete. After this patch the execution gnat.dg/interface_conv.adb
is correct.

Also, the declaration for the record controller must be inserted after the
parent component of a derived type, because its elaboration requires the
prior elaboration of the parent field. In Ada2005, the first components
of the derived type may include interface tags as well as the parent
component, and the proper place of insertion of the controller must be
found by scanning the full list of component declaration: it is not
sufficient to check the nature of the first component alone.
gnat.dg/specs/ must compile quietly.

Finally, in case of tagged types derived from abstract interface types some
entries of the dispatch table associated with predefined primitives
were not properly initialized. After this patch, gnat.dg/dispatch1.adb
compiles and executes without errors.

2006-10-31  Javier Miranda  <>
	    Robert Dewar  <>
	    Ed Schonberg  <>
	    Gary Dismukes  <>

        *, exp_ch3.adb (Expand_N_Object_Declaration): Do not
	register in the final list objects containing class-wide interfaces;
	otherwise we incorrectly register the tag of the interface in the final
        (Make_Controlling_Function_Wrappers): Add missing barrier to do not
        generate the wrapper if the parent primitive is abstract. This is
        required to report the correct error message.
        (Expand_N_Subtype_Indication): Do validity checks on range
	(Clean_Task_Names): If an initialization procedure includes a call to
	initialize a task (sub)component, indicate that the procedure will use
	the secondary stack.
	(Build_Init_Procedure, Init_Secondary_Tags): Enable full ABI
	compatibility for interfacing with CPP by default.
	(Expand_N_Object_Declaration): Only build an Adjust call when the
	object's type is a nonlimited controlled type.
	* exp_ch3.adb: Add with and use of Exp_Ch6.
	(Expand_N_Object_Declaration): Check for object initialization that is a
	call to build-in-place function and apply Make_Build_In_Place_Call_In_
	Object_Declaration to the call.
	(Freeze_Type): When the designated type of an RACW was not frozen at the
	point where the RACW was declared, validate the primitive operations
	with respect to E.2.2(14) when it finally is frozen.
	(Build_Initialization_Call,Expand_Record_Controller): Rename
	Is_Return_By_Reference_Type to be Is_Inherently_Limited_Type, because
	return-by-reference has no meaning in Ada 2005.
	(Init_Secondary_Tags): Add missing call to Set_Offset_To_Top
	to register tag of the immediate ancestor interfaces in the
	run-time structure.
	(Init_Secondary_Tags): Moved to the specification to allow the
	initialization of extension aggregates with abstract interfaces.
	(Build_Master_Renaming): Make public, for use by function declarations
	whose return type is an anonymous access type.
	(Freeze_Record_Type): Replace call to Insert_List_Before by call to
	Insert_List_Before_And_Analyze after the generation of the specs
	associated with null procedures.
	(Expand_Tagged_Root): Update documentation in its specification.
	(Init_Secondary_Tags): Update documentation.
	(Build_Init_Procedure): If we are compiling under CPP full ABI compa-
	tibility mode and the immediate ancestor is a CPP_Pragma tagged type
	then generate code to inherit the contents of the dispatch table
	directly from the ancestor.
	(Expand_Record_Controller): Insert controller component after tags of
	implemented interfaces.
	(Freeze_Record_Type): Call new procedure Make_Null_Procedure_Specs to
	create null procedure overridings when null procedures are inherited
	from interfaces.
	(Make_Null_Procedure_Specs): New procedure to generate null procedure
	declarations for overriding null primitives inherited from interfaces.
	(Is_Null_Interface_Procedure): New function in
	(Make_Predefined_Primitive_Specs/Predefined_Primitive_Bodies): If the
	immediate ancestor of a tagged type is an abstract interface type we
	must generate the specification of the predefined primitives associated
	with controlled types (because the dispatch table of the ancestor is
	null and hence these entries cannot be inherited). This is required to
	elaborate well the dispatch table.

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