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Fix compile time and memory usage issues from previous fix

This patch should fix the compile time and memory usage issues from
the previous PR fix, at the cost of some runtime performance.

It causes us to only create one variable to represent non-local
accesses, which should the vuse/vdef explosion.

It also fixes the java bootstrap issue by marking the referenced vars
we add for renaming.

If this patch is not enough to get our compile time and memory usage
back into sanity, i will revert the whole patch and wait for mem-ssa
to land to try to fix this PR's (yes, i'm aware they are P1).

Bootstrapped with java on i686-pc-linux-gnu

Bootstrapped with c, c++, objc, fortran on i686-darwin

2006-10-20 Daniel Berlin <>

	* tree.h (DECL_PTA_ARTIFICIAL): Remove.
	(tree_decl_with_vis): Remove artificial_pta_var flag.
	* tree-flow.h (referenced_var_check_and_insert): Expose.
	(nonlocal_all): New prototype.
	* tree-ssa-structalias.c (nonlocal_for_type): Remove.
	(nonlocal_all): Make global.
	(nonlocal_lookup): Remove.
	(nonlocal_insert): Ditto.
	(create_nonlocal_var): Do not call nonlocal_insert.
	(get_nonlocal_id_for_type): Remove.
	(find_global_initializers): Mark new vars we find for renaming.
	(intra_create_variable_infos): Only create one nonlocal.
	(expand_nonlocal_solutions): Remove.
	(compute_points_to_sets): Don't call it.
	(ipa_pta_execute): Ditto.
	(init_alias_heapvars): Don't create nonlocal_for_type.
	(delete_alias_heapvars): Don't remove it.
	* tree-ssa-operands.c (access_can_touch_variable): Don't prune

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