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Fwd: Regeneration of files in libgfortran

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---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: François-Xavier Coudert <> Date: Oct 20, 2006 1:58 PM Subject: Re: Regeneration of files in libgfortran To: Tobias Burnus <> Cc: "" <>, patch <>

 > Could you please rebuild your patch with --enable-maintainer-mode and
> commit the modified generated files, after checking they look OK?
> You'll find examples in libgfortran/ChangeLog on how the entries for
> these commits are loggued.
I will, but this is hampered by a hard disc crash I had my work station
(= my build server); I hope I get a replacement hard disc in the next
days (Today, Monday?), but I'm not sure.

My tries to build it on an Ubuntu system of someone else in my group,
didn't succeed so far (mpfr and gmp too old etc.).
I will try too get it running, but if you want to get the commit in
before the branching (today?), I would suggest that you do the commit.

Done (revision 117889).

  By the way, what is the reviewing status of "[gfortran,patch] Fix
PR27588: Add substring out of bounds check",

The status is: I reviewed it, and forgot to finally write and send the mail. The bad news is, I don't think it should be comitted in its current state, because without the variable name and with an off-by-one line number, it's not much use.

I've been working to find how to output the variable name, and I've
attached what I did (add a new arg to the function), but it still
doesn't work in all cases. As for the line number, I still don't
understand how to get that one right. Maybe someone on the list will
have an idea?


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