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[PATCH]: Fix PR bootstrap/29402 parallel make bug

This patch fixes PR 29402, a problem with parallel make unique to
mainline.  In the PR I noted that I was having the problem with
--disable-bootstrap.  However it can actually manifest itself in any gcc
configuration using parallel make.

The root of this lies in a non-portable construct used in the shell code
which creates ALL_GTFILES_H.  That variable controls the dependencies we
need and when it's incorrectly set it leads to the failure I saw. (Thanks
to Andrew Pinski for pointing me at ALL_GTFILES_H.)

The non-portable construct is the use of '\n' in the tr program.  I found
some shell magic in autoconf sources (written in 1999) that works around
this issue.  Given how old it is, I have a high degree of confidence it is
safe and portable.  I've copied that code plus the explanitory comment
into gcc/ and it solved the problem.

Tested on sparc-sun-solaris2.10 with a "make -j4".  The build error noted
in the PR no longer occurs.

Okay to install?


2006-10-12  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	PR bootstrap/29402
	* (ALL_GTFILES_H): Don't assume '\n' works in tr.

diff -rup orig/egcc-SVN20061011/gcc/ egcc-SVN20061011/gcc/
--- orig/egcc-SVN20061011/gcc/	2006-10-10 20:01:28.000000000 -0400
+++ egcc-SVN20061011/gcc/	2006-10-12 11:09:13.170034040 -0400
@@ -2882,8 +2882,15 @@ GTFILES_FILES_FILES_C = $(subst $(srcdir
 GTFILES_FILES_FILES_H = $(addprefix gt-, \
 	$(subst /,-,$(GTFILES_FILES_FILES_C:.c=.h)))
 GTFILES_LANG_DIR_NAMES_H = $(foreach d,$(GTFILES_LANG_DIR_NAMES), gtype-$(d).h)
-	$(GTFILES_LANG_DIR_NAMES_H) | tr ' ' '\n'  | sort -u)
+# We use echo to avoid assuming a particular line-breaking character.
+# The extra dot is to prevent the shell from consuming trailing
+# line-breaks from the sub-command output.  A line-break within
+# single-quotes doesn't work because, if this script is created in a
+# platform that uses two characters for line-breaks (e.g., DOS), tr
+# would break.
+ALL_GTFILES_H := $(shell gcc_LF_and_dot=`echo; echo .` ;\
+	$(GTFILES_LANG_DIR_NAMES_H) | tr ' .' "$$gcc_LF_and_dot"  | sort -u)

 $(ALL_GTFILES_H) : s-gtype ; @true

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