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Re: [PATCH, various] Add "pdf" target to all relevant GCC makefiles.

DJ Delorie wrote:
Don't forget that the toplevel is shared with gdb, binutils, newlib,
cygwin, etc.  You went to great lengths to add dummy pdf targets in
all the gcc directories, but won't this break those other projects?

I'm assuming your answer will be "use make -k for now" which is
probably sufficient, but I didn't want this to pass without

It shouldn't break them, so far as I understand things -- according to the GNU Coding Standards, the "pdf" target should not be a dependency of the "all" target, but must be manually invoked. That's certainly the case here, and thus "make all" isn't affected at all by these changes.

However, yes, the top-level "make pdf" target, which didn't previously exist, may be broken on those other projects. (Or it may not -- anything which builds its with automake already gets an empty "pdf" target.) There, my recommendation would be more one of "Don't run 'make pdf'" rather than "use 'make -k pdf'", though, since without targets it won't do anything useful!

The patch is otherwise technically OK, assuming Mark allows it in
stage 3.

Thanks. So, to be clear: If Mark allows it, this should cover all of the approving I need in order to commit the whole patch, yes?

- Brooks

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