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Re: [PATCH] Introduce abi_word_mode

Ian Lance Taylor wrote:
Mark Mitchell <> writes:

I'd argue that a program which uses word mode in a context that
matters for the ABI is broken, if that program is intended to be used
on multiple CPUs.

To be clear, the cases where it matters for gcc code are the uses of attribute ((mode (word))) in unwind-generic.h and libgcc2.h. Since on the S/390 you can (apparently) compile code with BITS_PER_WORD set to either 32 and 64, and since you can (apparently) link such code together safely, then by your argument (which I think is reasonable) those uses are broken.

So, are we converging towards telling Andreas that there is no way to do what he wishes? In other words, are going to declare that attribute ((mode (word))) is not something that back ends can configure independently of BITS_PER_WORD, and that, therefore, if you have 32-bit code involving that type, that this binary code cannot be recompiled without change to use 64-bit registers?

I'm OK with that decision, though I think we should certainly document this limitation, even if we don't go so far as to deprecate the use of mode ((word)).

Mark Mitchell
(650) 331-3385 x713

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