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Re: [Patch, fortran] PR28585: Add Fortran 2003 NEW_LINE intrinsic function

Hi Tobias,

I commited your patch. Here are a few last remarks:

1. there was a warning when building with your patch:
trunk/gcc/fortran/simplify.c: In function ‘gfc_simplify_new_line’:
trunk/gcc/fortran/simplify.c:2621: warning: unused variable ‘index’

Some oddity in specifies that simplify.c should be build with -Wno-error, that's why the build did not explode in your hands. In the patch I commited, I removed the declaration of unused variable index.

2. when submitting a patch, we need to know what is the extent of your testing. The usual minimal testing is "built and regression- tested on [build-triplet]", if you have run the testsuite for the freshly built compiler; for doc changes, you probably also want to "make info && make html" to be sure TeXinfo accepts your changes (and mention that).

3. there was still some non-NEW_LINE stuff in your intrinsic.texi diff; I applied only the relevant parts

4. bad style in your ChangeLog entry:

2006-10-08 Tobias Burnus <>

PR fortran/28585
* intrinsic.c(add_functions): Add new_line Fortran 2003 intrinsic
intrinsic.h: Add gfc_simplify_new_line and gfc_check_new_line prototypes
check.c: Add gfc_check_new_line
simplify.c: Add gfc_simplify_new_line
* intrinsic.text: Document new_line intrinsic
* gfortran.dg/new_line.f90: new testcase

The "perfect style" would be, I guess:

2006-10-08 Tobias Burnus <>

PR fortran/28585
* intrinsic.c (add_functions): Add new_line Fortran 2003 intrinsic.
* intrinsic.h: Add gfc_simplify_new_line and gfc_check_new_line
* check.c (gfc_check_new_line): New function.
* simplify.c (gfc_simplify_new_line): New function.
* intrinsic.texi: Document new_line intrinsic.

2006-10-08 Tobias Burnus <>

        PR fortran/28585
        * gfortran.dg/new_line.f90: New test.

That is: tabs for left spacing, * for each file, function names modified or added inside parentheses, separate ChangeLog entries for front-end, library and testsuite.

I attach the diff I commited as revision 117555. Thanks again, Tobias!


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