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Re: Problems with PR 21210

Mark Mitchell <> writes:

| (I'm surprised by Gaby's proposal in that I'm very surprised that the
| library people would consider silently changing the behavior of
| constructing a "std::complex<double>" from a "__complex__ double" to
| be anything other than the obvious copy.  But, if the library people
| are happy, it's OK with me.)

I think that is unfair characterization :-)  
The proposal was that constructuing a "std::complex<double>" from a
"__complex__" should be written make_cxx_complex(z).

| My original suggestion to add constructors to std::complex requires no
| changes to the language and is backwards-compatible with ISO C++, as
| far as I can tell; what's wrong with that?

It shifted the complexity to somewhere else without actually seeming
to solve it.  That is why I'm uncomfortable with it -- but it is not a
"no way" answer.  And it does not seem to be some unique to libstdc++
(at least in the scope of the proposed increaed compatibility with C99).

-- Gaby

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