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[Fwd: Re: [v3] Use atomic builtins (powerpc, alpha)]


apparently, for some reason, my reply to David didn't get through. I'm
attaching here again.

In the meanwhile, filed target/21760.



David Edelsohn wrote:

>	The atomic builtins implemented by Geoff Keating are not a
>complete replacement for the previous functionality.  Encapsulating
>procesor-specific issues, like the PPC405 errata, in one location is
>beneficial and all parts of the compiler should evolve to use the
>builtins.  Very few places in the compiler have utilized atomic operations
>until now: libstdc++ has been one such use.
Ok, we are in complete agreement on all accounts.

>	When one finds a special adaptation for a known problem, one
>should not discard it without comment.  As Daniel mentioned, this should
>be opened as a Critical Bugzilla target-specific bug that must be fixed
>for GCC 4.1.0, at the very least.
Ok, I will do that before the end of the day. Will add you in CC:.
Please excuse me in advance if the PR will not be technically very
accurate: I will mention the builtins and PPC405, in any case.

Sorry again for the (partial, in the end) misunderstanding,

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