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Re: Warning fixes for libiberty

Andreas Jaeger <> writes:

> The pexecute ones can be fixed with changing the pexecute interface -
> and I'm not sure whether we want that one.  The change would be
> something like:
> extern int pexecute (const char *, char * const *, const char *,
> -                     const char *, char **, char **, int);
> +                     const char *, char * const *, char * const *, int);
> I could prepare a patch if wanted.

Hmmm.  That change would cause warnings for users of pexecute.  On the
other hand pexecute has always returned a pointer to a string
constant, so it's always been a requirement for the caller to not
modify the returned string.  And of course pexecute is now an obsolete
interface, and code should now call pex_init/pex_run or pex_one.  So
I'm on the fence on this.  Any other opinions?

> 2005-05-16  Andreas Jaeger  <>
> 	* getpwd.c: Remove unneeded prototype getcwd and move getwd so
> 	that it's only declared if needed.
> 	* getopt1.c: Change order of includes so that __GNU_LIBRARY__ is
> 	defined.

This is OK.  Thanks.


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