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Re: [patch] config.gcc: Obsolete c4x.

Mark Mitchell <> writes:

> Ralf Corsepius wrote:
>>> I will also certainly say that if there is consensus that we should
>>> resurrect this port, then we should do so.  I'm not stubbornly
>>> about killing it.  A possible compromise would be to bring it back
>>> on the 4.0 branch only, and see if anyone fixes it before 4.1. 
>> Sounds like a reasonable (may-be temporary) compromise to me, esp.
>> because the c4x had been in 4.0.0, removing it for 4.0.1 doesn't make
>> much sense to me.
> Does anyone besides Ralf have an opinion on this proposal?

I think it makes more sense to have it only on mainline than only on
4.0 branch.  We generally prefer repairs like the one c4x needs, to be
conducted on mainline and then backported to release branches.  If we
leave it on the branch and take it out on mainline, I'm concerned that
some hypothetical person who comes along and fixes it will not be able
to get his or her patches committed because it's a release branch,
regression fixes only, dude! ... or perhaps the patches will just go
ignored because no one with approval privileges cares.  Only the
latter is a risk on mainline.

Tangentially, Ralf, are you this hypothetical person, or are you
hoping someone else will materialize?


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