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Re: [PATCH]: Separate target and host config files

Nathan Sidwell <> writes:

> This patch fixes the problem by adding a new '' template and
> amending the configure machinery to create auto-target.h from that, and
> inlude that file in 'tconfig.h'.  This allowed me to remove the #include
> auto-host.h from the target side libraries.  I also uncovered a couple
> of typos with the runtime checking configure processing.

If I understand the patch correctly, the definitions in auto-target.h
are a strict subset of the definitions in auto-host.h.  I'm not sure I
see the point.  Is it merely that some of those definitions are unsafe
to expose to target libraries?  If so, could you illustrate why?

Also, again if I understand correctly, I'd prefer that the subsetting
be done not by configure, but by a separate operation controlled from
the Makefile, e.g. by adding more special-case logic to
for tconfig.h.  This is primarily because I don't trust autoheader not
to decide it knows better, and splat a complete copy of onto, ruining all your careful subsetting.

Also also, could we please *not* increase the number of files
with a confusing name relationship to their thing.h?  Call it if it must exist.


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