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Re: Protoize does not build with gcc 4.x

Richard Sandiford wrote:
Wrt (a), I'm not sure what purpose GET_ENVIRONMENT serves.

Once upon a time, the cygwin port used it to convert pathnames between windows style and posix style. But the cygwin port no longer does that, or at least does it differently now, so all of the GET_ENVIRONMENT stuff appears to be obsolete.

Besides, since this is a host macro, I would have thought system.h
would be a more natural place for it.

Yes, the last rewrite occured after cygwin stopped using the macro, and the rewrite incorrectly put the default definition in defaults.h because it wasn't blindingly obvious that it was a host macro then. Probably best fixed by obsoleting the macro.

Wrt (b), why is config/netbsd.h overriding STANDARD_EXEC_PREFIX?

Yes, it is bit questionable, but it may not be worth the trouble of arguing it with the netbsd maintainers. At least not for a protoize problem.

	* protoize.c (version_flag, quiet_flag, nochange_flag, nosave_flag)
	(keep_flag, local_flag, global_flag, cplusplus_flag): Make extern.

Since protoize is of little interest nowadays, I agree that the simple solutions are best. I think you should add a comment explaining why these variables aren't static, though, to avoid later confusion.

With that change, OK for mainline.
Jim Wilson, GNU Tools Support,

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