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Re: Fw: [PATCH] ipa aliasing analysis

On Monday 1 May 2005 13:59, Steven Bosscher wrote:

> >
> Unfortunately this link is broken :-(  I can't find another PS/PDF
> reference...

Sorry, old link. I did not find neither. gcc-patches
rejects big file, so I have sent .pdf directly to your address.

> I don't understand what you mean here, are you saying that alias info
> is calculated but not used yet?

Yes, exactly. It's calculated but did non saved for use of
subsequent optimization passes. The reason is that
I have not found correct way to save it. Do you know one?

> Can you please split such renaming patches out in a separate patch?

Sure, I'll do it.

> Why is this pass not in a separate file?  The top of ipa_prop.c says

With my patch, the functionality of ipa_prop.c can be logically
divided into three part: functions/structures (f/s) specific for
constant propagation (ipcp), f/s specific for aliasing analysis
(ipaa) and f/s used by both optimizations (ipa) (and there is a
lot of them). For example, there is a lot of common functions
in initialization stages of ipaa and ipcp
(ipa_init_stage function from the patch).

So actually we have two possibilities here: to have three
separate files for ipaa, ipcp and ipa, or, alternatively, to have
all functionality in one file (what we have right now).
What would you prefer?


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