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Re: [committed] experimental top level bootstrap support

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Alexandre Oliva wrote:
| On Mar 15, 2004, (Nathanael Nerode) wrote:
|>2004-03-15  Nathanael Nerode  <>
|>	* Makefile.tpl: Introduce experimental top level bootstrap support.
|>	* Regenerate.
|>	* Introduce support for top level bootstrap.
|>	* configure: Regenerate.
| Hmm...  Top-level bootstrap is sort of pointless unless you can

Well, it removes an awful lot of hair from the gcc Makefile, along with
messes of dangling links; the fact that it's reconfigured at each stage
removes a lot *more* mess, so I wouldn't call it 'pointless'.

| actually take advantage of it to add more tools (e.g., assembler,
| linker) and libraries (libiberty, libgcc after it's split out of gcc)
| in the bootstrap.
|  So I think it would be better to have
| stage[123]/gcc instead of stage[123]-gcc.  Am I making any sense?
Yes; unfortunately it's easier said than done.  I spent an inordinate
amount of time getting the details right on this version, and I did try
several other methods, including that.  If we can get all the bootstrap
support out of the gcc Makefile and into the top level, I believe that
that will allow for extensive cleanups which will make it much easier to
accomplish this goal.  So I'd rather concentrate on doing that first.

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