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Timing Kit manufacture/distributor

Inner Fire Engine Parts, LLC is a worldwide aftermarket automotive timing chain 
kit distributor/manufacture. Founded in 2003 and based in Santa Clara, California, 
Inner Fire is one of the region's largest aftermarket automotive engine parts 
providing the most complete applications from our stretched product line. Our 
parent company is based in Taiwan, where our products are manufactured. The factory 
has been OEM timing components for many of NAME BRAND for over 25 years experience. 
 That is the reason why Inner Fire can bring such high quality into the United 
States. And that is also the reason that you can trust on our quality.
Right now we are stocking full lines of timing kits lines for Nissan and Toyota. 
 We wrote you this email since after reviewing your product catalog; we thought 
we have the ability to stretch your product lines at significantly low cost. 
 Please review our online catalogue at <> 

As I mention earlier, our factory is one of the contracted manufacture with Cloyes, 
DynaGear, etc... We believe that we have the ability to supply most of the timing 
components for imports / domestics with very competitive prices with high quality 
if you are looking for large quantities.  Let us know if you are interesting, 
and hope we can discuss business for the best of our future.

Johnny Yeh

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