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committed: Ada updates

Tested on x86-linux
2004-03-02  Emmanuel Briot  <>

	* ali.adb (Read_Instantiation_Instance): Do not modify the
	current_file_num when reading information about instantiations, since
	this corrupts files in later references.

2004-03-02  Vincent Celier  <>

	* bcheck.adb (Check_Consistency): Get the full path of an ALI file
	before checking if it is read-only.

	* bld.adb (Recursive_Process): Concatenate <PROJECT>.src_dirs in front
	of SRC_DIRS and eliminate duplicates.

	* gprcmd.adb: Replace command "path" with command "path_sep" to return
	the path separator.
	(Usage): Document path_sep

	* Makefile.generic: For Ada and GNU C++ cases, link directly with the
	C++ compiler. No need for a script.
	Replace use of C*_INCLUDE_PATH env var for GCC compilers with CPATH.
	Do not call gprcmd to build the C*_INCLUDE_PATHs, do it with function

	* prj-env.adb (For_All_Source_Dirs): Only add source dirs in project
	where there are Ada sources.
	(Set_Ada_Paths): Only add to the include path the source dirs of project
	with Ada sources.
	(Add_To_Path): Add the Display_Values of the directories, not their

	* prj-nmsc.adb (Find_Sources): Set flag Sources_Present in the project

	* prj-nmsc.adb (Add_ALI_For): Make sure that the element Display_Value
	is not No_Name.
	(Find_Source_Dirs): Set Display_Value to a non canonicalized value, only
	Value is canonicalized.
	(Language_Independent_Check): Do not copy Value to Display_Value when
	canonicalizing Value.

	* prj-part.adb (Post_Parse_Context_Clause): Compare canonical cased
	path to find limited with cycles.
	(Parse_Single_Project): Use canonical cased path to find the end of a
	with cycle.

2004-03-02  Ed Schonberg  <>

	* sem_ch10.adb (Optional_Subunit): Verify that unit contains a subunit
	and not a child unit.

	*, sinfo.adb: Rearrange flags so that Private_Present can
	appear in a with_clause.

	* decl.c (gnat_to_gnu_type): If entity is a generic type, which can
	only happen in type_annotate mode, do not try to elaborate it.

	* exp_util.adb (Force_Evaluation): If expression is a selected
	component on the left of an assignment, use a renaming rather than a
	temporary to remove side effects.

	* freeze.adb (Freeze_Entity): Do not freeze a global entity within an
	inlined instance body, which is analyzed before the end of the
	enclosing scope.

2004-03-02  Robert Dewar  <>

	* par-ch10.adb, par-ch3.adb, par-ch4.adb, scng.adb,
	sem_ch4.adb: Use new feature for substitution of keywords in VMS

	*, errout.adb: Implement new circuit for substitution of
	keywords in VMS.

	* sem_case.adb (Analyze_Choices): Place message properly when case is
	a subtype reference rather than an explicit range.

	* sem_elim.adb,, exp_ch2.adb: Minor reformatting

2004-03-02  Doug Rupp  <>

	* init.c (__gnat_initialize)[VMS]: Resignal RDB-E-STREAM_EOF.

2004-03-02  Thomas Quinot  <>

	* s-tporft.adb: Add missing locking around call to Initialize_ATCB.

2004-03-02  Richard Kenner  <>

	* utils.c (finish_record_type): Do not set DECL_NONADDRESSABLE for a
	BLKmode bitfield.

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