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PR/14362 is var-tracking consuming too much memory when compiling PR's testcase
on tree-ssa by f95.
I found out that when compiling the testcase the majority of variables being
tracked by var-tracking is generated by compiler (variables "stride.*", "T.*").
IMHO it is useless to track them.
The attached patch makes VT not to track compiler-generated variables.  This
cuts down memory usage and speeds VT up.

Bootstrapped/regtested mainline x86-64 (clean tree-ssa did not bootstrap today).
OK for mainline and tree-ssa?


2004-03-02  Josef Zlomek  <>

	* var-tracking.c (track_expr_p): Do not track compiler-generated

Index: var-tracking.c
RCS file: /cvs/gcc/gcc/gcc/var-tracking.c,v
retrieving revision
diff -c -3 -p -r2.4.2.2 var-tracking.c
*** var-tracking.c	24 Feb 2004 23:55:23 -0000
--- var-tracking.c	2 Mar 2004 07:06:30 -0000
*************** track_expr_p (tree expr)
*** 1361,1366 ****
--- 1361,1370 ----
    if (!decl_rtl)
      return 0;
+   /* Do not track compiler-generated decl except FRAME_BASE_DECL.  */
+   if (DECL_ARTIFICIAL (expr) && expr != frame_base_decl)
+     return 0;
    /* Do not track global variables until we are able to emit correct location
       list for them.  */
    if (TREE_STATIC (expr))

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