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Re: [tree-ssa] fix opt/13798

> Consider two inline copies of the same function sharing same static
> variable where we optimized out the address taking operand in one but
> fialed to do so in the other.

If TREE_ADDRESSABLE on the variable declaration is cleared even though the
variable is still addressed by one or more copies of the function, I would
consider this a bug.

> This is why I think the function scopeness is quite useless especially
> when we can determine this globally using cgraph datastructures.

The patch was originally written for gcc 3.2 .  I've merged into a copy
of 3.3.2, but as I said, I haven't started bringing it forward into 3.5;
I posted it because Dale Johannesen said that he wanted to work on this
If we can determine if a static variable is addressed anywhere in the
current file now, so much the better.

Still, the basic point remains: we don't have to do an all-or-nothing
static -> auto conversion, and we can make the existing optimizers do
the grunt work, if we just make this information available to
alias.c:nonoverlapping_memrefs_p .

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