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Re: Hopefully final patch for PR 13722

I probably should have spoken up before but I was out of town
for a while.

I've got an ia64 machine that I try to run nightly bootstrap
and check on (it's sporadic right now).  I'd be glad to get 
it so it does run nightly and send out the results (and try
to at least isolate what breaks).  This would be for ia64-linux,
on Debian unstable.

Are there particular configuration parameters that should be
set?  I typically only build and test for C, C++ and g77, without
maintainer mode set.  Any particular version of the compiler
to be used for the bootstrap?

What should I do with the results?  Email them somewhere?  Post
them somewhere on  I've only done a real cursory
search of the site but didn't find much....

Let me know what I can do to help.

On Mon, 2004-01-26 at 17:08, Jim Wilson wrote:
> On Mon, 2004-01-26 at 10:02, Zack Weinberg wrote:
> > This incorporates all bugfixes to date and gets good test results on
> > ia64-hpux (3.4 branch):
> Thanks.  It looks good to me also.  I'll add in your patches for 13722
> and 7198 and do another ia64-linux bootstrap.  My IA-64 machine is idle
> today anyways, so this is no bother for me.  I don't mind if you go
> ahead and check in the patches first.  I'll let you know if something
> goes wrong.
Al Stone
Linux & Open Source Lab
Hewlett-Packard Company
Phone:  970-898-0345
Telnet:     898-0345
Fax:    970-898-3804

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