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Re: Patch for po/EXCLUDES

"Joseph S. Myers" <> writes:

> I noticed that messages from genautomata.c were getting translated,
> which is a waste of translator effort.  It seems that po/EXCLUDES is
> somewhat out of date, including various files that are no longer in
> the source tree and not including various in the source tree that
> shouldn't have messages extracted; updated thus.  It passes gcc.pot
> regeneration.  OK to commit to mainline and 3.4 branch?


> (There are lots more libgcc files in various config/<machine>
> directories, but since in general they don't have messages that might
> be extracted anyway I doubt the point of having a list of them here
> that keeps needing updating.  If we do need to list some of them, I'd
> prefer an exclusions file in each target machine's directory that
> needs one rather than accumulating the list here.)

Agree, although if there are only a handful of such files, it might be
easier to add them to the master EXCLUDES than to code up support for
per-target excludes.


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