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Re: [patch] mmix: Hookize SETUP_INCOMING_VARARGS.

On Sun, 25 Jan 2004, Kazu Hirata wrote:

> Built cc1 of mmix-elf.  OK to apply?

For the record, mmix-elf does not exist.  I guess a specified
mmix-elf gets reinterpreted as mmix-knuth-mmixware.  On this
target ELF64 objects are generated by the assembler, but the
linker by default emits binaries in the (unlinkable) mmo format
that the simulator reads.  (Yes, I know I miss out on some ELF
features this way, but it's better than forcing any users to
"objcopy -O mmo" an ELF64 binary, and I don't want to (just for
this target) add (back?) a hook for gcc to call a program after
linking. ELF64 binaries can be obtained by using the -melf GCC

> 2004-01-25  Kazu Hirata  <>
> 	* config/mmix/mmix-protos.h: Remove the prototype for
> 	mmix_setup_incoming_varargs.
> 	* config/mmix/mmix.c (TARGET_PROMOTE_FUNCTION_ARGS): New.
> 	(mmix_setup_incoming_varargs): Make it static.
> 	(mmix_struct_value_rtx): New.
> 	* config/mmix/mmix.h (PROMOTE_FUNCTION_ARGS): Remove.
> 	Remove a commented-out definition of PROMOTE_FUNCTION_RETURN.

Ok, thanks!

brgds, H-P

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