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Re: [C++ PATCH] [PR13810] ICE on default argument for template template parameter (3.4/3.5 regression)

Gabriel Dos Reis wrote:

>> !    /* Try to emit a slightly smarter error message if we detect
>> !       that the user is using a template instantiation.  */
>> !      error ("`%D' is a template instantiation and cannot be used
>> as a " !      "default argument for a template template parameter",
> consider:
>          error ("invalid use of type '%T' used as default value "
>                 "for a template template-parameter",
> Please, notice the use of '%T' instead of '%D'.

Out of curiosity, what's the rationale on using %T rather than %D in this
specific case (when it's a template instantiation)?. Did you specifically
exclude from the diagnostic the part about it being a template instantiation?
My original idea about detecting a TYPE_DECL which is a template instantiation
was to be able to emit something like:

error: invalid use of type 'a<0>' as a default value for a template
note: 'a<0>' is a template instantiation, did you mean 'a' instead?

but I couldn't quite get 'a' out of 'a<0>'.

Giovanni Bajo

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