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Patch installed for parallel make problem

My parallel bootstrap died compiling pretty-print.o because config.h
wasn't created yet.  I also noticed pretty-print.o was missing a
dependency on system.h, though that would only cause a problem if you
modified the existing header and recompiled.

I did a scan through Makefile looking for places where we were missing
a dependency on config.h or system.h and found another for
print-rtl1.o and fixed that too.

Sigh... I wish these were automatically generated (Zack, you working
on this?  Last Summer you said you might do it.)

Tested on sparc-sun-solaris2.7 via:
make clean; make -j100 pretty-print.o; make clean; make -j100 print-rtl1.o

I installed it as "obvious" on mainline and 3.4.

2004-01-20  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* (pretty-print.o): Depend on $(CONFIG_H) and
	(print-rtl1.o): Depend on $(SYSTEM_H).

diff -rup orig/egcc-CVS20040120/gcc/ egcc-CVS20040120/gcc/
--- orig/egcc-CVS20040120/gcc/	2004-01-20 20:03:07.000000000 -0500
+++ egcc-CVS20040120/gcc/	2004-01-20 21:34:24.395404000 -0500
@@ -1826,7 +1826,7 @@ ifcvt.o : ifcvt.c $(CONFIG_H) $(SYSTEM_H
 params.o : params.c $(CONFIG_H) $(SYSTEM_H) coretypes.h $(TM_H) $(PARAMS_H) toplev.h
 hooks.o: hooks.c $(CONFIG_H) $(SYSTEM_H) coretypes.h $(TM_H) $(HOOKS_H)
-pretty-print.o: pretty-print.c $(PRETTY_PRINT_H)
+pretty-print.o: $(CONFIG_H) $(SYSTEM_H) pretty-print.c $(PRETTY_PRINT_H)
 $(out_object_file): $(out_file) $(CONFIG_H) coretypes.h $(TM_H) $(TREE_H) $(GGC_H) \
    $(RTL_H) $(REGS_H) hard-reg-set.h real.h insn-config.h conditions.h \
@@ -2264,8 +2264,8 @@ $(BUILD_PREFIX_1)rtl.o: $(srcdir)/rtl.c 
 	sed -e 's/config[.]h/bconfig.h/' $(srcdir)/rtl.c > $(BUILD_PREFIX)rtl.c
-print-rtl1.o: $(srcdir)/print-rtl.c $(BCONFIG_H) coretypes.h $(GTM_H) \
-  $(RTL_H) $(TREE_H) hard-reg-set.h $(BASIC_BLOCK_H) $(TM_P_H)
+print-rtl1.o: $(srcdir)/print-rtl.c $(BCONFIG_H) $(SYSTEM_H) coretypes.h \
+  $(GTM_H) $(RTL_H) $(TREE_H) hard-reg-set.h $(BASIC_BLOCK_H) $(TM_P_H)
 	rm -f print-rtl1.c
 	sed -e 's/config[.]h/bconfig.h/' $(srcdir)/print-rtl.c > print-rtl1.c

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