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[PATCH] Compat testsuite improvement (part #1)


As discussed privately with Janis, this patch is the first part of the 
changes needed to be able to run the compat testsuite against non-GNU C99 
compilers with meaningful results.  It adds SKIP_COMPLEX_INT, SKIP_ATTRIBUTE 
and SKIP_ZERO_ARRAY guards against non-C99 tests and turns SKIPVA into 
SKIP_VA for the sake of consistency.  The second part will deal with the 
dejagnu machinery in order to simplify the commands for enabling these 

Tested against the Sun ONE Studio 8 compiler (SKIP_COMPLEX_INT, 
SKIP_ATTRIBUTE, SKIP_ZERO_ARRAY defined) with no compilation/link failures.

OK for mainline?

2004-01-19  Eric Botcazou  <>

	* gcc.dg/compat/fnptr-by-value-1_x.c, scalar-by-value-1_y.c
	scalar-by-value-3_x.c, scalar-by-value-3_y.c,
	scalar-by-value-4_x.c, scalar-by-value-4_y.c,
	scalar-return-1_x.c, scalar-return-2_y.c,
	scalar-return-3_x.c, scalar-return-3_y.c,
	scalar-return-4_x.c, scalar-return-4_y.c,
	struct-align-1.h, struct-align-1_x.c,
	struct-align-1_y.c, struct-align-2.h,
	struct-align-2_x.c, struct-align-2_y.c,
	struct-by-value-10_y.c, struct-by-value-11_x.c,
	struct-by-value-11_y.c, struct-by-value-12_x.c,
	struct-by-value-12_y.c, struct-by-value-13_x.c,
	struct-by-value-13_y.c, struct-by-value-14_x.c,
	struct-by-value-14_y.c, struct-by-value-15_x.c,
	struct-by-value-15_y.c, struct-by-value-16_y.c,
	struct-by-value-17_y.c, struct-by-value-18_y.c,
	struct-by-value-19_y.c, struct-by-value-1_x.c,
	struct-by-value-1_y.c, struct-by-value-20_y.c,
	struct-by-value-2_x.c, struct-by-value-2_y.c,
	struct-by-value-3_y.c, struct-by-value-4_x.c,
	struct-by-value-4_y.c, struct-by-value-5_y.c,
	struct-by-value-6_y.c, struct-by-value-7_y.c
	struct-by-value-8_x.c, struct-by-value-8_y.c
	struct-by-value-9_x.c, struct-by-value-9_y.c
	struct-return-10_x.c, struct-return-10_y.c,
	struct-return-19_x.c, struct-return-20_x.c
	struct-return-2_x.c, struct-return-2_y.c
	struct-return-3_x.c: Guard non-C99 tests with SKIP_COMPLEX_INT,

Eric Botcazou

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