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PATCH - PPC-darwin Correct initialization of 'long long' with constant

-mpowerpc64 for PPC has a bug passing constant to a function expecting 'long long'. The MSW is incorrectly passed to the function. So, in the following code fragment:

void LL(long long);

We generate:

         li r3,1				<--- bad!
         li r4,1
         b L_LL$stub

Attached patch attempts to fix this. Recognition of PARALLEL pattern is
identical to
what went in function.c:assign_parms for incoming register assignment.
bootstrapped and dejagnu  passed.

OK for main line?

Fariborz Jahanian <>


2004-01-13  Fariborz Jahanian <>
         * expr.c (emit_group_load): split constant
         correctly into register components of PARALLEL insn.

Index: expr.c
RCS file: /cvs/gcc/gcc/gcc/expr.c,v
retrieving revision 1.614
diff -c -p -r1.614 expr.c
*** expr.c      10 Jan 2004 20:50:53 -0000      1.614
--- expr.c      14 Jan 2004 00:01:12 -0000
*************** emit_group_load (rtx dst, rtx orig_src,
*** 1948,1953 ****
--- 1948,1956 ----
           emit_move_insn (mem, src);
           tmps[i] = adjust_address (mem, mode, (int) bytepos);
+       else if (CONSTANT_P (src) && GET_MODE (dst) != BLKmode
+              && XVECLEN (dst, 0) > 1)
+       tmps[i] = simplify_gen_subreg (mode, src, GET_MODE(dst),
         else if (CONSTANT_P (src)
                || (GET_CODE (src) == REG && GET_MODE (src) == mode))
         tmps[i] = src;

Test case:

Attachment: test.c
Description: Text document

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