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[ada,] A compromise with those generated *.texi files

Locally, I now have tarballs working without makeinfo, flex nor bison (PR/12744). Those patches will be coming soon.

However, in testing those generated gnat_ug_???.texi files are rearing their ugly heads again and are causing a bootstrap crash when attempting to make install without those tools.

As mentioned in the comment, even though they are in the source directory they currently get regenerated EVERY time you build which is a BAD thing, especially if you don't have a makeinfo to rebuild those .texi files that just got rebuilt.

The stamp file hack was rejected. So I'm proposing a compromise and propose to only enable those rebuild rules when --enable-maintainer-mode is specified.

Bootstrapped i686-pc-cygwin with and without --enable-maintainer-mode. The dates on gnat_ug_???.texi files were only updated during the latter.

Moreover "make install" from a tarball no longer will crash without makeinfo installed.

Kelley Cook
2004-01-13  Kelley Cook  <>

	* Define MAINT from --enable-maintainer-mode.

2004-01-13  Kelley Cook  <>

	* Only regenerate texi files if --enable-maintainer-mode.

--- /home/kcook34/gcc-orig/gcc/	2004-01-08 20:09:35.000000000 -0500
+++ /home/kcook34/gcc-new/gcc/	2004-01-13 10:58:22.856296000 -0500
@@ -169,6 +169,9 @@ STRICT2_WARN = -pedantic -Wno-long-long 
 # "extern" tags in header files.
 NOCOMMON_FLAG = @nocommon_flag@
+# This is set by --disable-maintainer-mode (default) to "#"
 # These are set by --enable-checking=valgrind.
 RUN_GEN = @valgrind_command@
 VALGRIND_DRIVER_DEFINES = @valgrind_path_defines@
--- /home/kcook34/gcc-orig/gcc/ada/	2004-01-05 21:39:27.000000000 -0500
+++ /home/kcook34/gcc-new/gcc/ada/	2004-01-13 10:48:25.567436800 -0500
@@ -449,12 +449,15 @@ ada.generated-manpages:
 # tree with the documentation already generated such that "make" will not
 # attempt to rebuild them.
+# As a compromise this only will execute with --enable-maintainer mode.
 # If gnu make 3.80 is ever made a requirement to build, then this could be
 # avoided using an order-only dependency:
 # $(srcdir)/ada/gnat_ug_unx.texi: \
 #     ada/gnat_ug.texi ada/ug_words | ada/doctools/xgnatug$(build_exeext)
+ifndef MAINT
 ada/doctools/xgnatug$(build_exeext): ada/xgnatug.adb
 	-$(MKDIR) ada/doctools
 	cp $^ ada/doctools
@@ -475,4 +478,5 @@ $(srcdir)/ada/gnat_ug_vxw.texi : ada/doc
 $(srcdir)/ada/gnat_ug_wnt.texi : ada/doctools/xgnatug$(build_exeext) \
 	$(srcdir)/ada/gnat_ug.texi $(srcdir)/ada/ug_words
 	ada/doctools/xgnatug wnt $(srcdir)/ada/gnat_ug.texi $(srcdir)/ada/ug_words $(srcdir)/ada/gnat_ug_wnt.texi

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