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[RFA] Remove TYPE_NAME check for subrange types


This is a followup patch on:
We decided to explore the possibility of removing the checks for
  - is_ada

As a first step, here is a patch that removes the check for TYPE_NAME,
and updates subrange_type_die() to handle types that do not have a

2004-01-13  J. Brobecker  <>

        * dwarf2out.c (is_ada_subrange_type): No longer check the TYPE_NAME.
        (subrange_type_die): Add handle for nameless subrange types.

BTW: is_ada_subrange_type() will eventually be renamed to
is_subrange_type() when the is_ada() check is removed.

I am not including the removal of the TREE_UNSIGNED nor the is_ada check
yet, because they seem to be causing some regressions at the debugger
level. I've spotted one cause for these regressions, but I need a bit
more time before being ready. That's why I elected for this intermediate

Tested on x86-linux, by boostrapping GCC and testing it against the GCC
testsuite and against our Ada GDB testsuite.

Ok to apply?


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