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Re: PATCH COMMIT: Include <stddef.h> in demangle.h

Andrew Pinski <> writes:

> On Jan 12, 2004, at 17:50, Ian Lance Taylor wrote:
> > I checked in this patch to demangle.h to include <stddef.h> if
> > ANSI_PROTOTYPES is defined by ansidecl.h.  This is what libiberty.h
> > does, so it must be safe.  This will ensure that size_t is defined for
> > the prototype of cplus_demangle_print().
> Did you try to bootstrap with this patch?

No, sorry.  I made a bad assumption.  I saw that every file which
includes "demangle.h" also includes "libiberty.h".  But now I see that
there is a #pragma GCC poison in between.  Bother.

Fixed thusly.


2004-01-12  Ian Lance Taylor  <>

	* demangle.h: Instead of checking ANSI_PROTOTYPES, just include

Index: demangle.h
RCS file: /cvs/gcc/gcc/include/demangle.h,v
retrieving revision 1.24
diff -u -r1.24 demangle.h
--- demangle.h	13 Jan 2004 01:49:16 -0000	1.24
+++ demangle.h	13 Jan 2004 03:06:01 -0000
@@ -21,12 +21,7 @@
 #if !defined (DEMANGLE_H)
 #define DEMANGLE_H
-#include "ansidecl.h"
-/* Get a definition for size_t.  */
-#include <stddef.h>
+#include "libiberty.h"
 #ifdef __cplusplus
 extern "C" {

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