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Re: [toplevel, gcc] Default to makeinfo --no-split (again)

On Mon, 12 Jan 2004, Kelley Cook wrote:
> But there is a small problem.  If there are any split *.info files it
> wrecks havoc with attempting to describe them in a honest to goodness
> --enable-generated-files-in-srcdir Makefile.
> As you are probably aware, there was an attempt to solve the split info
> problem a while ago, but unfortunately, at least with makeinfo 4.2,
> --split-size doesn't quite work the way you would expect as it leaves a
> tiny stub followed by an unsplit  So its back to
> --no-split as was originally proposed way back when.

Yes, I'm quite well aware of these problems.  In fact, due to my reports
the makeinfo guys fixed this bug (and others) in that area. ;-)

> Along with the corresponding trivial patch to GCC to make sure that
> MAKEINFOFLAGS is defined, it will now work the way I believe was
> originally intended.

Please have a look for the threads starting at
for some background.

I'm afraid this might conflict with the "docs as HTML generation" patch
by Mike, which -- I'm afraid -- still wasn't approved, but seems like a
very nice thing to have.

Mike, what do you think?

Gerald Pfeifer (Jerry)

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