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[m68k] Fix m68k-netbsdelf bootstrap

Fix crash during bootstrap on m68k-netbsdelf caused by a NULL
pointer in the register names array.

It would be nice if we could factor these multiple REGISTER_NAMES
definitions in a single place.  The default in m68k.h is the
opposite of what most targets want.

2004-01-12 Bernardo Innocenti <>

	* config/m68k/netbsd-elf.h (REGISTER_NAMES): Add missing "argptr"

diff -u -p -u -p -r1.19 netbsd-elf.h
--- gcc/config/m68k/netbsd-elf.h	30 Nov 2003 04:20:28 -0000	1.19
+++ gcc/config/m68k/netbsd-elf.h	12 Jan 2004 20:36:27 -0000
@@ -185,7 +185,7 @@ while (0)
#define REGISTER_NAMES							\
{"%d0",   "%d1",   "%d2",   "%d3",   "%d4",   "%d5",   "%d6",   "%d7",	\
 "%a0",   "%a1",   "%a2",   "%a3",   "%a4",   "%a5",   "%fp",   "%sp",	\
- "%fp0",  "%fp1",  "%fp2",  "%fp3",  "%fp4",  "%fp5",  "%fp6",  "%fp7" }
+ "%fp0",  "%fp1",  "%fp2",  "%fp3",  "%fp4",  "%fp5",  "%fp6",  "%fp7", "argptr" }

/* Currently, JUMP_TABLES_IN_TEXT_SECTION must be defined in order to

 // Bernardo Innocenti - Develer S.r.l., R&D dept.

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