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[rfc][tree-ssa] first cut at optimization pass manager

This patch reduces by two the number of places that have to be updated
when adding or rearranging tree-ssa optimization passes.

It provides for the description of "properties" that describe the state
of compilation between passes.  This is intended to describe the form of
the trees themselves, as well as the state of on-the-side data structures
such as the cfg or dominators.

In this first implementation, these properties are merely verified.
That is, we check that all properties required by the pass are available.
I expect that we may want to use this to force generation (or re-generation)
of the relevant information.  At present this seemed like overkill.

Further work should include using the pass data to build command-line
arguments automatically, which would remove 4 more places that still have
to be modified when adding a new pass.

Bootstrapped and tested on alphaev67-linux.  I'll not check this in right
away and let folks comment on the approach.  Though I expect that unless
a drastically different approach gets consensus I'll check it in and 
generate new patches relative to it.


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