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Re: [wwwdocs] more updates to gcc-3.4/changes.html

On Tue, 6 Jan 2004, Jan Hubicka wrote:
> more updates for changes.html.  Hope with fewer grammar errors this time
> :)


Concerning grammar, most issues I found were missing "the"s and incorrect
third person forms of verbs.  I believe this is due to general differences
between English and German on the one hand, and Slavic languages on the

But I'm disgressing... ;-)  The patch is fine with a few changes pointed
out below; just post the final version as you committed it to this list.

> !     <li>Web construction pass enabled via <code>-fweb</code> (and implied by
> !     	<code>-O3</code>) improve quality of register allocation, CSE
> ! 	and some other optimization passes by avoid re-use of pseudo registers
> ! 	with non-overlapping live ranges.

As this is a bit longer than just a simple fact, I suggest to make this a
full sentence; something like "A new web constructions pass...improves..."

"the quality of register allocation" or just "register allocation quality"
"by avoid" -> "by avoiding" or just ", avoiding..."

>  The pass almost always improve


> ! 	code quality but does make debugging difficult and thus it is not
> ! 	enabled by default by <code>-O2</code>

Omit "it" and add a full stop at the end.

> ! 	<p>The pass is especially effective as cleanup after code duplication
> ! 	passes, such as loop unroller or the tracer.</p></li>

"the loop unroller"

> !     <li>Experimental implementation of superblock or trace scheduling in 2nd
> !         scheduling pass enabled via <code>-fsched2-use-superblocks</code>

"Experimental implementations the second scheduling pass can be
enabled...", and a comma before "respectively".

> !     <li>Many C math library functions are now recognized as built-ins and
> ! 	optimized</li>

Full stop.

> +     <li>Vector MMX and SSE operands are now passed in registers to improve
> + 	performance and match argument passing convention used by Intel 
                            ^^^                                 ^^^
                            the                                 the

> !     <li>The Athlon port have been converted to use the DFA
"ports" or "has"

> +     <li><code>-mcpu</code> has been renamed to <code>-mtune</code>

Full stop.


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