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(libobjc) PATCH: Address warning nits

(libstdc++-v3) PATCH: Address current generic locale failures

(libstdc++-v3) PATCH: Fix trivial typo in C++ library test case

(libstdc++-v3) PATCH: Fix unconditional non-usage of installed _M_table

(libstdc++-v3) PATCH: Tweak test case failure markings

Re: (Patch) Don't tell Dejagnu to look in libg++ etc.

Re: (Toplevel patch) Clean up use of enable_shared, enable_threads.

Re: (Toplevel patch) Let the top level run in parallel.

--target-help prints error message

Re: -no-integrated-cpp flag (patches for gcc3.3)

.pch -> .gch for C++

3.2 bootstrap broken on s390 (was: Re: [PATCH] Fix PR target/7784 (Sparc))

Re: 3.2.2 successful builds: GNU/Linux, Solaris, HP-UX

Re: 3.4 PATCH: Several IRIX 6.5.1[89] ISO C99 fixes

3.[234] PATCH: Update predefines for Tru64 UNIX

Re: 5 GCC regressions, 1 new, with your patch on2003-03-22T06:36:49Z.

[ tree-ssa ] Simplify RETURN_EXPR handling

[3.2 PATCH] Fix typeid with reference types

[3.3 PATCH] correctly install treelang info files

[3.3/3.4 patch] Fix DWARF2 output for m68k

[3.3/3.4 PATCH] PR target/7248: Fix iordi3 for m68k

Re: [3.3/mainilne] Fix kernel misscopmiilation for hammer

[3.3/mainline] cfg_cleanup speedup

Re: [3.3/mainline] cleanup cfg only once when not optimizing

[3.3/mainline] Fix x86-64 returning of structures

[3.3/mainline] Re: New ICE on i386

[3.3] C++ PATCH: Improving compile-time performance 2/n

[3.3] C++ PATCH: Reduce size of saved bindings.

Re: [Ada] fix install-gnatlib in Makefile.in to match previous change to Make-lang.in

[Ada] fix install-gnatlib in Makefile.in to match previous changeto Make-lang.in

Re: [Ada] fix install-gnatlib in Makefile.in to match previouschange to Make-lang.in

[Ada] Patch for ada/10020

[Ada] Patch to fix ada/9961 (bootstrap failure)

[Ada] PATCH: fix for ada/9911

[C++ PATCH for 3.3/trunk, committed] Fix PR9970, a regression

[C++ PATCH for 3.4, committed] Fix PR9188

[C++ PATCH] 9898, 9807

[C++ PATCH] Fix 10047

[C++ PATCH] Fix 10199

[C++ PATCH] Fix 9629

[C++ PATCH] Fix 9978, 9708

[C++ patch] Fix __attribute((__constructor__))

[C++ PATCH] Fix part of 10119

[C++ PATCH] Fix PR6440, a regression

[C++ PATCH] PR/9394

[C++ PATCH]: Fix 10026

[C++ PATCH]: Fix 10158

[C++ PATCH]: Fix 10224

[C++ PATCH]: Fix PR 9898 by implementing DR 322

[C++] My unreviewed patch for 3.3/trunk

[Commited] Fix a typo

[Commited] Fix gcc.dg/ultrasp5.c

[committed as obvious] GNU CC -> GCC in ada/

[committed as obvious] GNU CC -> GCC in config/c4x

[committed as obvious] GNU CC -> GCC in config/dsp16xx/

[committed as obvious] GNU CC -> GCC in config/ia64

[committed as obvious] GNU CC -> GCC in config/v850

[committed as obvious] GNU CC -> GCC in config/vax

[committed as obvious] GNU CC -> GCC in f/

[committed as obvious] GNU CC -> GCC in gcc/*.c

[committed as obvious] GNU CC -> GCC in gcc/*.h

[committed as obvious] GNU CC -> GCC in ginclude/

[Committed] Fix minor whitespace issues

[Committed] PR c/10178: Check for switch range overflow

[Committed] Tweaks to builtins.def and loop-unroll.c

[CONTRIB] regression hunting scripts

[cxx-reflection] Merge from trunk

[doc patch] install.texi: mention test result links in build status lists

[doc-patch] Fix table environment in invoke.texi

[doc-patch] PR 9813: Move misplaced paragraph

[FORTRAN PATCH] Sync f77's duplicate_decls with C's.

[Fortran, 3.3-branch, committed] was, Re: [Fortran, trunk, committed]Handle INTEGER*1 SELECT CASE variables.

[Fortran, trunk, committed] Fix PR fortran/10197.

[Fortran, trunk, committed] Handle INTEGER*1 SELECT CASE variables.

[FYI] Remove lang_expand_expr prototype

[GCOV] Add all blocks mode, and function summaries

[jh@suse.cz: Re: target/9929: [3.3/3.4 regression] Can't find spill register]

Re: [jh@suse.cz: Re: target/9929: [3.3/3.4 regression] Can't findspill register]

Re: [libjava PATCH] Conditionalize use of thread priority scheduling

Re: [libstdc++] Re: RFC on doxygen & man page style issue

[mainline] C++ PATCH: remove use of xxx_with_decl

[mainline] C++ PATCH: Use C90 prototype styles in cp/expr.c

[mainline] C++ PATCH: Use C90 prototypes in cp/error.c

[mainline] C++ PATCH: Use C90 prototypes in cp/except.c

[new-regalloc-branch] Was "Bug in ra-colorize.c:merge_moves?"

Re: [PATCH 3.2/3.3/HEAD] Propagate gxx_include_dir to the libstdc++subdirectory

[patch 3.3/HEAD] Re: future of gccbug bug reporting script?

[PATCH 3.4] Warn for always-false bitwise ands

[PATCH pa.c]: Fix corner case in output of conditional branches

[PATCH, committed] Fix incorrect implicit-typename1.C testcase

Re: [Patch/libiberty] Add w32 version of lrealpath

[Patch/libsupc++]: Add CFLAGS, AM_CFLAGS to LTCOMPILE for C files

[patch?] profiler corrupts jump labels

[patch] Add help to contrib/test_summary

[PATCH] -fdump-translation-unit fix (fixes PR c/9177)

[PATCH] Allow PowerPC GP instructions

[PATCH] allow zero_extract combines - checked in

[PATCH] ARM rework fpu type enumerator

[PATCH] ARM separate out FPA patterns

[PATCH] ARM: Wrap PIC GOT adjustment in unspec

[PATCH] Backport patch to 3.3 for high priority bootstrap/9994

[patch] change *_dump_tree return type to bool

[patch] Clean up some of the fixincludes special cases

[patch] Clean up stormy16.h

[PATCH] combine fix and allow rs6000 insvsi_internal4

[PATCH] combine typo fix

Re: [patch] combine.c: Remove unnecessary AND when storing into zero_extract.

[patch] combine.c: Remove unnecessary AND when storing intozero_extract.

[patch] Comment gcc/configure.in, v.2

[patch] config.gcc untabification

[patch] config.gcc: Clear more variables at top

[PATCH] Constant folding pow(x,y) for constant y.

[PATCH] convert (a | b)^b to a & (~b)

[PATCH] CSE MEMs loaded in narrower modes

Re: [PATCH] darwin and pic/dynamic-no-pic

[PATCH] Decrease number of simple_loop_p calls

Re: [PATCH] Define _LP64 on x86-64?

Re: [Patch] Detect true-dependency for strict_low_part in scheduling

[PATCH] Duplicate entries in contrib.texi

[patch] emit-rtl.c: Fix a comment typo.

[Patch] Enable some dllimport testcases for mingw/cygwin

Re: [PATCH] Enum imprvoment again

[PATCH] Fix (?) parameter passing on ia64

[PATCH] Fix __builtin_expect (setjmp (buf) == 0, 1)) generates broken code

Re: [PATCH] Fix __builtin_expect (setjmp (buf) == 0, 1)) generatesbroken code

[PATCH] Fix asm impossible reload

[PATCH] Fix Bootstrap because of warning in c-cppbuiltin.c

[PATCH] fix bugs.html URL in 3.2 ICE message

[PATCH] fix c4x build

[PATCH] Fix flag_eliminate_dwarf2_dups/flag_eliminate_unused_debug_types clash

[PATCH] Fix IA-64 __sync_*_compare_and_swap_si intrinsic

[PATCH] Fix ifcvt on IA-64

[PATCH] Fix infinite recursion on 64-bit targets

[PATCH] Fix irreducible regions updating

[PATCH] Fix libstdc++/9581 and libstdc++/9870

[PATCH] Fix libstdc++/9964

[PATCH] Fix postincrement before switch

[PATCH] Fix ppc32 bootstrap

[PATCH] Fix PR c/10083 (umul_highpart on Alpha)

[PATCH] Fix PR c/8281 (Sparc)

[PATCH] Fix PR c/9928

[PATCH] Fix PR middle-end/7796

[PATCH] Fix PR optimization/8300 and target/9763 (Sparc)

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR optimization/8300 and target/9763 (sparc)

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR optimization/8300 and target/9763 (Sparc)

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR optimization/8300 and target/9763 (sparc)

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR optimization/8300 and target/9763 (Sparc)

[PATCH] Fix PR optimization/8366 (Sparc)

[PATCH] Fix PR optimization/8396

[PATCH] Fix PR optimization/8726

[PATCH] Fix PR optimization/8746 (x86)

[PATCH] Fix PR optimization/9414 (Sparc)

[PATCH] Fix PR optimization/9888 (part #1)

[PATCH] Fix PR optimization/9888 (part #2)

[PATCH] Fix PR optimization/9888 (part #3)

[PATCH] Fix PR optimization/9888 (part #4)

[PATCH] Fix PR target/10067 (Sparc)

[PATCH] Fix PR target/10072

[PATCH] Fix PR target/10114 and PR target/10084

[PATCH] Fix PR target/7784 (Sparc)

[PATCH] Fix PR target/9164 (bogus sign extension)

[PATCH] Fix small weak handling omission

[PATCH] Fix some bootstrap failures on ia64 HPUX.

[PATCH] Fix specs processing (take 2)

[PATCH] Fix typo that breaks libstdc++ header installation

[PATCH] fix URLs for other/10203 and fortran/10204

Re: [PATCH] Fixflag_eliminate_dwarf2_dups/flag_eliminate_unused_debug_types clash

[patch] fixinc for sol26 pthread.h

[PATCH] Fold (10.0 - x) > 4.0 as x < 6.0

[PATCH] Fold comparisons against Inf and NaN

[PATCH] Fold sqrt comparisons against constants

[PATCH] Fold sqrt comparisons against constants (take 2)

[PATCH] Fold sqrt comparisons against constants (take 3)

[PATCH] Fold sqrt comparisons against constants (take 4)

[patch] fold-const.c: Fold A - (A & B) into ~B & A.

[PATCH] for optimization/10080: Loop unroller nearly useless

[patch] function.c: clear MEM flags better

[PATCH] g77 FORTRAN extension FORMAT X

[patch] GCC configure.in cleanup 5/n

[patch] GCC configure.in cleanup 6/n

Re: [PATCH] gcc-3.3: Make -finline-limit work (PR/8387)

[patch] gcc/*.[ch]: Fix comment formatting.

[patch] GNU CC -> GCC in doc/

[patch] GNU CC -> GCC in po/

[patch] h8300.c: Tighten a predicate.

[patch] h8300.c: Tweak notice_update_cc.

[patch] h8300.c: Tweak rtx_costs.

[patch] h8300.m: Organize peephole2's.

[patch] h8300.md: Add a new pattern.

[patch] h8300.md: Add a new peephole2.

[patch] h8300.md: Add new patterns.

[patch] h8300.md: Add two patterns and remove one pattern.

[patch] h8300.md: Add zero_extendqisi2.

[patch] h8300.md: Fix comment typos.

[patch] h8300.md: Generalize a peephole2.

[patch] h8300.md: Merge two patterns.

[patch] h8300.md: Move patterns.

[patch] h8300.md: Optimize one case of zero_extract.

[patch] h8300.md: Relax the condition of a peephole2.

[patch] h8300.md: Remove dead code.

[patch] h8300.md: Remove useless code.

[patch] h8300.md: Tighten a predicate of a pattern.

[patch] h8300.md: Tighten an insn condition.

[patch] h8300.md: Use '?' to simplify a pattern.

[patch] h8300: Add new patterns.

[patch] h8300: Improve one-bit zero_extract.

[patch] h8300: Merge some IOR and XOR patterns.

[PATCH] IA-64 and s390* DW_OP_GNU_push_tls_address

[patch] Important comment update to gcc/configure.in

[patch] Improve fixproto 1/3

[patch] improve fixproto 2/3

[patch] improve fixproto 3/3

[patch] improve fixproto 4/3 ;-)

[patch] improve fixproto 5/3 :-(

[patch] In C99, 'inline' may be doubled

[PATCH] Initialize mips-tfile.c's init_file by hand

[PATCH] Java: Fix alignment of CNI classes

[PATCH] keep libgcov from breaking minimal cross build

[PATCH] libstdc++/10101: [3.0/3.2/3.3/3.4 regression] seekp() on std::strstream can break reading back from the stream

[patch] Macroize gas version number checks in gcc/configure.in (take three)

[patch] Macroize gas version number checks in gcc/configure.in (take two)

[PATCH] MAINTAINERS: Add myself to write-after-approval list

[PATCH] Middle-end dead code elimination

[PATCH] Minor tweaks to flags_from_decl_or_type

[PATCH] Move SUBREGs to pseudo for comparison

[PATCH] New command line option -fwrapv

[PATCH] New command line option -fwrapv (take 2)

[PATCH] Obvious fix of -feliminate-dwarf2-dups

[PATCH] PPC: 2 sdata testcases

[PATCH] PPC: Define MD constants

[PATCH] PPC: Only allow -msdata=eabi for TARGET_EABI

[PATCH] PR 10011: Introduce gcse_constant_p

[PATCH] PR 9974: Insns on edges in bypass

[PATCH] PR c++/10031: Exception lists on builtins

[PATCH] PR c++/10031: Exception lists on builtins (take 2)

[PATCH] PR c++/9367: Builtins for *scanf and *printf

[PATCH] PR c/10175: Fix for -Wunreachable-code

[PATCH] PR c/8224

[PATCH] PR c/9853

[PATCH] PR fortran/9793: Avoid overflow exception on host

[PATCH] PR opt/10087

[PATCH] PR opt/10185 review?

[PATCH] Prevent irreducible loops creation in jump bypassing

Re: [PATCH] problems with bb-reorder.c rewrite

[PATCH] profopt.exp and remote testing

[Patch] Rationalize cygwin/mingw config commonalities, -mno-cygwin handling

Re: [Patch] Rationalize cygwin/mingw config commonalities,-mno-cygwin handling

[PATCH] Re-enable lost optimization in decode_rtx_const

[patch] Re: gcc not recognizing all C99 hex float constants

[PATCH] REG_EQUAL notes on cond_jumps.

[PATCH] reload fix?

[patch] reload1.c: Fix a comment typo.

[patch] reload1.c: Remove a useless variable.


[patch] remove stray float_format references

[PATCH] REQ_EQUAL notes vs. libcalls

[PATCH] Rewrite doloop.c for new loop structures

Re: [PATCH] rtlopt branch merge part 9 -- loop unrolling&peeling

Re: [patch] Store motion rewrite

[patch] toplevel Makefile.tpl cleanup 6/n

[patch] use @command in makefile.texi

[PATCH] Warn on always-false BIT_AND_EXPRs (PR 9944)

[PATCH] x86_64 libffi fix

[patch] xstormy16_expand_arith vs try_split

[PATCH]: Add attributes for HC11/HC12 functions

[PATCH]: Add rotate patterns to HC11/HC12

[PATCH]: Don't enable min/max instructions by default on HC12

[PATCH]: Don't use return_external_pic when generating PA 2.0 code

[PATCH]: Fix hard_reg_operand HC11 predicate

[PATCH]: Fix middle-end/9986 (don't have fputc_unlocked)

[PATCH]: Fix mulqi3 reload pb in HC11/HC12

[PATCH]: Fix reg rename optimization on HC11/HC12

[PATCH]: Fix rotate by constants on HC11/HC12

[PATCH]: Fix typo in m68hc11.md

[PATCH]: Fix va_arg on HC11/HC12

[PATCH]: Fix warning from pa.c

[PATCH]: HC11 regression, don't rely on REG_WAS_0 notes

[PATCH]: HP-UX ctype<char>::classic_table return value

[PATCH]: Improvement in HC11 prologue/epilogue

[PATCH]: Merge improvements from new-regalloc-branch: df.[ch] [1/2]

Re: [PATCH]: Merge improvements from new-regalloc-branch: df.[ch][1/2]

[PATCH]: Merge of new-regalloc changes for df.c, take two

[PATCH]: Merging new-regalloc changes, ra* files [2/2]

[PATCH]: Optimize HC11/HC12 add instructions

[PATCH]: Optimize some HC11/HC12 register moves

[PATCH]: PA long unconditional branch generation (PR10062)

[PATCH]: Poolify df.c

[PATCH]: PR 10024

[PATCH]: Re: Is the loop pass allowed to introduce new call insns?

[PATCH]: Remove two hppa*-*-* xfails

[PATCH]: Stack alignment - take 2

[PATCH]: Support far calls on 68HC11

[PATCH]: Tests with asm(), fix failures on HC11/HC12

[PATCH]: Tests with big arrays on HC11/HC12 (fixup how they are compiled)

[PATCH][RFC] warn for always-false bitwise and

[PATCHES] Unreviewed patches

Re: [PATCH} Enum imprvoment again

[pch] system header patch

[RFA/RFC] disable-nls if msgfmt could not be found

[RFA:] Bug in reorg.c:fill_slots_from_thread: reg overlap not checked.

Re: [RFA:] Move logic for synthesizing MODE_CC moves from gen_move_insn to emit_move_insn_1

[RFA:] Move logic for synthesizing MODE_CC moves from gen_move_insnto emit_move_insn_1

[RFA:] Provide rlim_t for bootstrap problem

[RFA:] Provide rlim_t, fixing libc1 bootstrap problem, take 2.

[RFA] dwarf2out.c: Add support for DWARF 3 64-bit sections

[RFA] dwarf2out.c: Don't emit DW_OP_regx for register -1

[RFA] dwarf2out.c: More 64-bit DWARF adjustments

[RFA] MIPS: Provide DWARF 2 mappings for HI, LO, and HILO

Re: [rfa] Regenerate Makefile.in to fix tix omission

[RFA]: Doc mention self as HC11/HC12 contributor

[RFA]: Document "near" and "far" attributes for HC11/HC12

[RFA]: Fix libstdc++ to build for HC11/HC12 (3_3 branch)

[RFA]: Mention binaries for HC11/HC12 in gcc doc

[RFA]: wwwdocs remove HC11/HC12 from extensions.html page

[RFC PATCH] Fix s390 address_operand mode related ICE


[RFC] GCC aliasing bug PR optimization/9745

[rtlopt] merge from mainline: Set reg_attrs for function parameters passed in registers

[rtlopt] var-tracking: do not track global variables

[testsuite patch]: don't XPASS for 20020227-1.c for powerpc64

[testsuite patch]: let simd-5.c XFAIL for powerpc64

[tic4x] Multilib match bug (fix)

[toplevel patch] delete references to tix

[toplevel patch] Macroize build_subdir & target_subdir, newest version

[toplevel patch] miscellaneous cleanup

[toplevel patch] miscellaneous cleanup v.2

[tree-ssa ] VLA changes

[tree-ssa libmudflap] build tweaks

[tree-ssa libmudflap] dlopen tweaks

[tree-ssa libmudflap] new features

[tree-ssa mudflap] initialization checking

[tree-ssa mudflap] more on initialization checking

[tree-ssa mudflap] strategy change for hook functions

[tree-ssa] Avoiding double simplification

[tree-ssa] bsi_insert routines

[tree-ssa] buglet fix in get_expr_operands [patch]

[tree-ssa] CCP fixes for abnormal edges

[tree-ssa] Copy propagation [patch]

[tree-ssa] dominator optimizations [patch]

[tree-ssa] Fix another gcc.dg failure

[tree-ssa] Fix checking failure due to RTL-CCP

[tree-ssa] Fix gcc.dg/noreturn-*.c

[tree-ssa] Fixing switch statement warnings -- resent

[tree-ssa] Formatting changes to basic block dumps [patch]

[tree-ssa] Gimple vs builtins

[tree-ssa] Improve handling of call-clobbered variables [patch]

[tree-ssa] Minor CCP fixes [patch]

[tree-ssa] Minor cosmetic changes [patch]

[tree-ssa] Minor RTL-SSA bugfix

[tree-ssa] Misc C++ improvements

[tree-ssa] PATCH to expose calculation of VLA ARRAY_REFs

[tree-ssa] PATCH: do_niy tweak

[tree-ssa] Speeding up un-ssa

[tree-ssa]: Generic link routines and some insert infrastructure

[tree-ssa]: Work on making SSAPRE bootstrap

[v3, 3.3] Fix broken stack-based output stdio_filebuf

[v3, committed] Fix test for synced buffers

[v3, trunk] Remove _M_out_buf_size()

[v3] add stamp-stdc++-precompile

[v3] fix -Wshadow and demangle.h

[v3] Fix another mistake in the new 21_strings testsuite

[v3] Fix error in the new 21_strings wchar_t tests

[v3] Fix ios_base storage crash

[v3] Fix libstdc++/10097

[v3] Fix libstdc++/10167

[v3] Fix libstdc++/9533

Re: [v3] fix libstdc++/9827

[v3] install demangle.h

[v3] libstdc++/7744

[v3] libstdc++/9182

[v3] libstdc++/9424

[v3] libstdc++/9826

[v3] libstdc++/9988

[v3] mainline symbol tweaks

[v3] move more num_put speedups to 3.3

[v3] remove redundant init calls

[v3] Reorganize 21_strings/find and rfind tests

[v3] reshuffle 21_strings, add wstring tests

[v3] stdc++.h.pch patches

[v3] string export cleanups

[v3] sync abi_check, etc.

[v3] Use locale cache for boolean names

[www patch] reference GCC site rather than GNU site

Re: [www] cvs.html: list gcc-3_4-basic-improvements-branch as merged into mainline

[www] cvs.html: list gcc-3_4-basic-improvements-branch as merged intomainline

[wwwdocs] Optimizer no longer as deficient

[wwwdocs] updates to regression hunt document

[Xtensa] fix for broken 64-bit add and subtract

ada/9953: Build failures with Ada on HPUX 10

Add nop after last non-returning call on Alpha


address change

Another Power4 scheduling tweak

Re: ARM - register liveness problem

ARM md expanders reorganization

ARM PATCH rename fpu->fpa

ARM PATCH: Fix fix patterns

Re: arm-pe: Do not generate type 2 LDM instructions with writeback

arm-pe: Do not generate type 2 LDM instructions with writeback


AutoGen 5.5.3 has been released

Avoid bogus recursive calls to substitute_in_expr

Avoid most of calls to canon_rtx

Avoid most of calls to side_effects_p

Avoid multiple multi-do/multi-clean rules

Better instruction choice for cvtt*

bison patch to help gcc?

Re: Bootstrap failure on hppa-unknown-linux-gnu, trunk

Re: bootstrap failure on tree-ssa branch

Broken -iwithprefix

Re: Bug in ra-colorize.c:merge_moves?

Re: Bug in sample code in the gcc manual

Re: Bugs in sysroot patches resulting in $(local_include)/include always searched, ../-expansion broken

Re: Bugzilla update and schedule for changeover


Re: c++ failures

C++ PATCH for c++/8316, 9315, 10136

C++ PATCH for c++/8660

C++ PATCH for c++/9336

C++ PATCH for c++/9420

C++ PATCH for c++/9440

C++ PATCH for c++/9798

C++ PATCH for c++/9820

C++ PATCH for c++/9868

C++ PATCH for c++/9993

C++ PATCH to build_conditional_expr for c++/10245

C++ PATCH to external vtable references

C++ PATCH: Fix accidental ABI change

C++ PATCH: Fix PR 8534

C++ PATCH: Fix yet another reference problem...

C++ PATCH: PR 10218

C++ PATCH: PR 10278

C++ PATCH: PR 6412

C++ PATCH: PR 7647

C++ PATCH: PR 8805

C++ PATCH: PR 9336

C++ PATCH: PR 9373

C++ PATCH: PR 9400

C++ PATCH: PR 9639

C++ PATCH: PR 9791

C++ PATCH: PR 9878

C++ PATCH: PR 9924

C++ PATCH: PR 9965

C++ PATCH: Tidy up operator new stuff

C++ PATCH: Unify name lookup 2/n

C++ PATCH: Unify name lookup. 1/n

C++ PATCH: Yet another whack at references

Re: c++/5390: Libiberty fails to demangle multi-digit template parameters.

C++: hex number in error messages

Re: c/9564: compiling sdiff causes ICE on powerpc

c_common_init hook tweaks

Can 3.4 patch for PR2001 be backported to 3.3?

Re: CANNOT_CHANGE_MODE changes for df/ra*

Re: CFG merge part 7 - superblock/trace scheduling

CFG problem in PR 10056

Re: changing PCH file suffix from .pch to .gch

Re: check-abi for PPC64

Checking failure building arm-elf

classpath comparison

Re: Cleanup etags generation

Cleanup etags generation (Was Re: Ping: etags patch)

Re: combine-created negative subreg_byte wreaks havoc in reload

Re: Command Options/Compiler Passes page not updated.

Committed 3.3: CRIS: recent trunk patches (build problems+CPP_PREDEFINES)

Committed, cris.h: various unimportant stuff.

Committed, cris.md: Fix typo and thinko in UMIN anonymous patterns.

Committed, cris/aout.h: Undef ENDFILE_SPEC.

Committed, MMIX: fix movcc_expanded alternatives.

Committed: Fix c-opts.c:c_common_post_options return value.

Committed: flags.h: missing declaration of flag_leading_underscore

Committed: make cris-axis-aout build again.

Committed: movcc patterns for MMIX

Committed: remove CPP_PREDEFINES for CRIS.

Committed: Update gcc.c-torture/execute/20020720-1.x for cris-*-*.

Committed; fix old-style-asm-1.c to match mmix-knuth-mmixware andimprove comment.

Re: Committed; fix old-style-asm-1.c to match mmix-knuth-mmixwareand improve comment.

Contents of file `gcc-3.3-b20021230.es.po.gz'

Contents of file `gcc-3.3-b20021230.fr.po.gz'

Convert stormy16 to not use CPP_PREDEFINES

Re: Converting to ISO C89

copy_loop_headers patch disappeared?!

Copyright message

cpplib: A few tweaks

cpplib: Move more switches to the front end

cpplib: Remove final target dependencies

Crossjumping of tablejumps

Re: Crossjumping of tables

Cselib speedup

cselib speedup II

cvs annotate (Was: Re: other/6955: collect2 says "core dumped" when there is no core)

darwin and pic/dynamic-no-pic

Delay in bugzilla switchover

depend on header variables

Re: Destrictiveness of expansion and tree inlining deadlock?

Disable checking in stmt.c:fixup_gotos

Re: Disabling bprob.exp for H8*

Re: DOC PATCH to releasing.html: makeinfo requirement

DOC PATCH: GCC 3.2.3 release schedule

Re: don't assume pointer cast to unsigned long is a valid initializer

Re: don't assume pointer cast to unsigned long is a validinitializer

Don't deffer RTL compilation when tree inlining is done

Re: enable hard reg combinations on non-SRC targets

Re: An even smaller test case. Cast to int of char, and not...;

find_if_case_1:find_if_case_1 does not call add_to_dominance_info

fix -ansi error in gcc.dg/loop-2.c

fix a handfull of p4 -Os failures

Fix and Continue, part 1

fix another missing trunc_int_for_mode

Fix ARM Maverick registers in arm/pe.h

fix bohem_gc ia64 inline assembly

Re: Fix bootstrap problems with unit-at-a-time

Fix check for valgrind

Fix const/pure function discovery in unit-at-a-time

Fix cse related fail of pure-1.c on powerpc64-linux

fix deferral of large inline functions

Fix emit-rtl.o dependency

Fix error regexps in ObjC testsuite

Re: Fix for AIX bootstrap failure

Fix for AIX bootstrap failure (Was Re: Checking failure building arm-elf)

Re: Fix for AIX bootstrap failure (Was Re: Checking failure buildingarm-elf)

Fix for c++/8534 broken

Fix Fortran SWITCH_TAKES_ARG (Was Re: [C++ PATCH] PR/9394)

fix gcc.dg/20020531-1.c

Fix init_c_lex prototype

Fix macho_correct_pic operands

Fix minor issue with -Wunused-macros

Fix misordered conversions for struct value addr in assign_parms

fix multiple_reg_loc_descriptor thinko

fix noreturn-1 and return-type1

Fix powerpc zapping static chain

fix simplify_path/fix_header.c

Fix SSE -fpic crash

fix target/9700

Fix to c++/9336 introduces segfault

Fix to sh.md:reload_inqi

Fix treelang

Fix treelang build

Fix x86-64 bootstrap problem

fix-header.c fix

fixinc for Solaris' pthread.h

Follow-up: [PATCH] added kaOS support to GCC

Forgotten LP64 patch

GC issues in cc1plus

gcc 2.95.3 PowerPC -- bug report & patch

Re: GCC 3.3 release criteria

GCC 3.3 to include powerpc-darwin as an evaluation platform

Re: GCC 3.3: inline-asm problems

GCC 3.3: x86_64-suse-linux-gnu added to secondary evaluation platforms

Re: GCC 3.3: x86_64-suse-linux-gnu added to secondary evaluationplatforms

Re: GCC anonymous CVS

Re: GCC build failed for native with your patch on 2003-03-15T13:30:01Z.

GCC configure.in cleanup 1/n

GCC configure.in cleanup 2/n

GCC configure.in cleanup 3/n

GCC configure.in cleanup 4/n

GCC Makefile.in cleanup 1/n

GCC Makefile.in cleanup 2/n

GCC Makefile.in cleanup 3/n

GCC Makefile.in cleanup 4/n

GCC scheduler tuning

Gcc testsuite fixes needed for PA

gcc.dg/i386-local2.c breaks testsuite on x86

get g++ man page to point to the right gcc man page

hashtable tweek

header search path change with 2003-03-02 commit

Re: HP-UX PA long double alignment change

I18n tweakage for shadow_warning

Re: i386 bitops patterns

i386 test pattern fix


IA64 ILP32 changes

IA64 ILP32 fix for __builtin_return_address

ia64 ldxmov support

IA64 pointer extension patch in expr.c

Re: ifcvt pass ordering

Ignore 'Toplevel Makefile.tpl cleanup 2/n part three'.

IMPLICIT_EXTERN_C failure due to cpplib patch

Improve code generation for cvt?2? and hammer

improve fixproto 6/3 ;-)

Improve i386 add

Improve x86-64 prologues and epilogues

init_integral_libfuncs change breaks xstormy16

Inline functions called once III

Re: installation of unwind.h

Installed testcase from 9301

java: Fix inliner for synchronized methods

jcf-io.c:339: warning: `origsep' might be used uninitialized

libiberty multilib installs broken

libstdc++-v3 fix for mips64-linux-gnu

libstdc++-v3 patch: passing CXX correctly

Load motion vs. -ffloat-store

machopic_function_base_name hackery

Re: Mainline infinite recursion on ia64

Re: match constraints with different modes in big endian => reload ICE

Re: middle-end/8502: [3.2 regression] wrong code generated for switch statement

Minor PCH objc, etc., fixes

mips n32/n64 mcount ABI change

mips SNaN/QNaN is swapped

mips64: improve code generated for 64->32-bit truncation

mips: omit initialization of $gp and stack allocation when possible

Re: more pch questions

Move -D, -U and -A into the front end

Move -E output to the front end

Move -imacros into the front end

Move -include into the front end

New French PO file for `gcc'

New regressions on arm-elf in last 24 hours

New Spanish PO file for `gcc'

Obvious patch for x86-64 insn costs

One more PCH counter variable: next_block_index

Re: operands to min and max must have the same type...

optabs.c patch for PR 7872

Re: optimization/10024 [3.3 regression] [HP-PA] inline optimizationICE

Re: optimization/7189: gcc -O2 -Wall does not print ``control reaches end of non-void function'' warning

Re: optimization/7189: gcc -O2 -Wall does not print ``controlreaches end of non-void function'' warning

Re: optimization/8178: __builtin_ffs broken

Re: optimization/9037: [3.3 regression] -fssa-dce crashes with simplecode

Re: optimization/9037: [3.3 regression] -fssa-dce crashes withsimple code

Re: other/6955: collect2 says "core dumped" when there is no core

PATCH (3.3): Handle infinite denomals in gjavah

patch applied to sh port: fix alignments / insn length problem

patch applied: fix sh-elf linker relaxation

Patch approval process suggestion

Patch fixing a insn bundling crash for itanium

Patch for 3.3?

Re: PATCH for [ARM] subsequent use of plus and minus operators could be improved

PATCH for [ARM] subsequent use of plus and minus operators couldbe improved

PATCH for c++/10091

PATCH for debug/6387

PATCH for debug/9039

Patch for HP-UX IA64 ILP32 optimization bug

PATCH for java/10145 (the attribute aligned bug)

PATCH for optimization/6871

Patch for Preview: jcf-io.c and Win32 case-insensitive filename handling

PATCH for Re: GCC 3.3 release

Re: PATCH for Re: target/9797: ARM structure initialization bug

Patch for sparcv9 -Werror break in ggc-common.c

Patch for spurious @ at start of manuals

PATCH for tree-to-rtl expansion of C functions

Patch improving readability of ppc8540 dfa description.

Patch installed for warning regression fp-bit.h prototype

PATCH libffi: darwin_closure.S dylib/shared library safe

patch ping: softfloat API documentation

patch ppc-e500: DW_OP_piece endian and minor fix

PATCH to C++ template inlining

PATCH to cp/Make-lang.in

PATCH to hashtable.[ch]: Cache hash value

Patch to revert varasm.c change, fix PRs 10100 & 10053

Patch to simtest-howto.html

Re: PATCH to toplevel Makefile.tpl

Patch to XFAIL execute/20020307-2.c on mips-irix6 for 3.2.3

Re: Patch: hoist more loop invariants

Patch: newra bug

Patch: ppc: R31 is not OK for DFmode

Patch: rs6000: add some CC-mode moves

PATCH: Adjust license for old demangler

Patch: Another deprecation fix


Re: PATCH: c++/9297

Patch: Change hardcoded '/' to DIR_SEPARATOR in jcf-io.c

PATCH: contrib.texi

PATCH: cvs.html

Patch: darwin specific: enable inlining of global functions

Patch: darwin speed tweak

Patch: DIR_SEPARATOR usage in jcf-write.c and jcf-io.c

patch: disable string insns on ppc e500

PATCH: doc/contrib.tex -- Janis Johnson

Re: PATCH: doc/contribute.texi

patch: docs for soft float routines

Patch: Don't free local variables if a jsr has been emitted

patch: dwarf handling of values spanning > 1 register

PATCH: egcs-1.1/features.html, remove egcs-1.1/news.html PR/895

PATCH: Fix 7086

PATCH: Fix and clean up dvi documentation

PATCH: fix comment for ggc_alloc

Patch: fix gcj ICE

PATCH: Fix PR 10087

patch: fix unwinder to map dwarf regs to unwinder columns

PATCH: Follow Neil's lead abandoning CPP_PREDEFINES for *-*-freebsd*

Patch: FYI: classpath comparison

Patch: FYI: classpath comparison script change

Patch: FYI: gcj ICE fixlet

Patch: FYI: libgcj/classpath comparison

Patch: FYI: update classpath comparison script

PATCH: gcc-3.?/changes.html

PATCH: gcc/ONEWS [PR doc/895]

Patch: gcj interface initialization bug

Patch: gcj support for lex timevar

PATCH: Hide XFAILs related to unknown named locale

PATCH: Implement DJ's observation on $(WERROR)

PATCH: Improve wrapup_globals_for_namespace in C++ front end

PATCH: java/contrib.html fix broken link

Patch: jcf-io.c and Win32 case-insensitive filename handling (updated)

PATCH: Macroize gas version number checks in gcc/configure.in

PATCH: Make gengtype and c-parse.in get along

PATCH: Only initialize constants in predict.c once

patch: optimized constant vector initializers

Re: PATCH: popcontext v3

patch: ppc e500 fix for __ev64_*64__

patch: ppc spe.h changes into 3.3 branch

PATCH: PR optimization/9016

PATCH: Repair breakage from put_var_into_stack patch

patch: rs6000: set WCHAR_UNSIGNED appropriately

PATCH: small pre-compile-server patches

PATCH: Speed cfg_layout_duplicate_bb

PATCH: speed up pch validation

PATCH: speed up rtti decl emission

PATCH: Tweak 22_locale to hide more "expected errors"

PATCH: Update per-port documentation

PATCH: Use $GCC_CVS instead of cvs

Patch[mingw/cygwin]: Fix dllimport "unmarking" thinko in winnt.c

Re: Patch[mingw/cygwin]: Fix dllimport "unmarking" thinko in winnt.c [Take 2]

Re: PCH distcc improvements

ping PATCH libffi: darwin_closure.S dylib/shared library safe

Ping! PR optimization/7189 for 3.3

Ping: [Patch] Break up expr.c, Part 1

Ping: etags patch

PING: PATCH: Make gengtype and c-parse.in get along

ping: unreviewed doc patch

PowerPC bootstrap failure (was Re: mips SNaN/QNaN is swapped)

powerpc builtin_apply and -msoft-float

PowerPC performance tuning

PowerPC TARGET_UPDATE missed pattern

powerpc64 code gen changes with -g

powerpc64 profile option

ppc and ia64 bootstrap compare fix, resend

Re: PR 10017

Re: PR 10017 (was: Re: target/9929: [3.3/3.4 regression] Can't find spill register)

PR 10017 (was: Re: target/9929: [3.3/3.4 regression] Can't findspill register)

PR 8700

Re: PR c++/7050

Re: PR c/8068

PR opt/10056

preprocess script & XHTML

problem in ppc-linux-gcc cross compiler

Re: proposal: Default settings from environment

Re: proposed patch for SH port

Regenerate ada/*texi

Remove __builtin_classify_type and typeclass.h

Remove a "historical wart"

remove definition of varray_type in except.h

Remove semicolon from end of defintion of CPP_SPEC in mcore.h

reorder_block space requirements (was Re: test patch for computed gotos)

Re: reorder_block space requirements (was Re: test patch for computedgotos)

Re: REQ_EQUAL and mems hoisted out of loops

resolve opt/10116

Re: review process

review process (was: C++ PATCH: Unify name lookup 2/n)

rewrite ia64 call patterns

Re: RFA: Ada variable-sized objects, bit_size_type == TImode, and divti3

RFA: Convert SH to not use CPP_PREDEFINES

RFA: Convert v850 to not use CPP_PREDEFINES

RFA: DFA pipeline description of ppc8540

RFA: Don't skip 'Y' prefix in switches

Re: RFA: dwarfout.c - emit DW_AT_LOCATION for global register variables

Re: RFA: dwarfout.c - emit DW_AT_LOCATION for global registervariables

RFA: Fix tree check error in output_init_element

RFA: More initialization reworking

RFA: More initialization tweaks

RFA: Move definition of __GNUC__ etc. to front-end


RFA: Remove a bunch of CPP_PREDEFINES

RFC: ARM/Xscale dependency or lifetime bug?

RFC: patch darwin dylibs first try

Re: RFC: PATCH for PR 9786: [3.2/3.3/3.4 regression] Ice in fixup_abnormal_edges with -fnon-call-exceptions -O2

RFC: PATCH for PR 9786: [3.2/3.3/3.4 regression] Ice infixup_abnormal_edges with -fnon-call-exceptions -O2

RFC: PATCH to diagnostic.c:text_specifies_location

RFC: Patch to split parse time from parse action times in C and objc

Re: RFC: Patch to split parse time from parse action times in C andobjc

RFC: PATCH to unroll_loop for optimization/10171

Re: rfc: unwinder, ppc-spe dual sized registers, and a patch...

rs6000 SPE breakage


rs6000_variable_issue simplification

S/390: Add missing "type" attributes

S/390: Fix backtrace support for Java

S/390: Fix ICE due to displacement overflow

S/390: Fix inefficient handling of global register variables

S/390: Fix literal pool handling regression

S/390: Minor performance regression fixes

Save strings in NOTE_LINE_NUMBER notes.

sh patch for pr7306 applied

site.exp unused (was: Re: (Patch) Don't tell Dejagnu to look inlibg++ etc.)

Small cleanup of toplev.c

Soft-float documentation, revised again

Re: Solaris pthread patch

Re: Solaris' pthread.h patch

Some fixes and improvements for mips64-linux-gnu specs

some xstormy16 patches

Something hates me.

Re: Speed up nonoptimizing compilation III

Re: Speedup invalid_mode_change_p


Squelch Java use of HOST_FLOAT_WORDS_BIG_ENDIAN (take two)

SSAPRE update

Re: SSE/MMX moves optimization

Re: Stack Reorganization Patch

stl_bvector.h, line 401: error: typename may only be used withina template

Support for objective-C PCH

Swapping commutable binary expressions

Re: target register load optimizations (Was: Re: Porting gcc forF-CPU without direct JMP)

Re: Target-specific bugs

Re: target/10073: [3.2/3.3 regression]: powerpc cannot split insn while building rscheme

Re: target/10177: VRsave mask wrong

Re: target/10205: Incorrect code generated for H8300 "normal" mode

Re: target/9929: [3.3/3.4 regression] Can't find spill register

Re: target_flags

Re: test patch for computed gotos

Testsuite PATCH: Avoid .x files for gcov.

Testuite PATCH for previous change

That patch I just approved

tidy powerpc64-linux options

Re: Toplevel configure.in cleanup 2/n

Re: Toplevel configure.in cleanup 3/n

Re: Toplevel configure.in cleanup 4/n

Toplevel configure.in cleanup 4/n part one

Toplevel configure.in cleanup 4/n part two

Re: Toplevel configure.in cleanup 5/n

Re: Toplevel Makefile.tpl cleanup 2/n

Toplevel Makefile.tpl cleanup 2/n part one

Toplevel Makefile.tpl cleanup 2/n part three

Toplevel Makefile.tpl cleanup 2/n part three (real version)

Toplevel Makefile.tpl cleanup 2/n part two

Re: Toplevel Makefile.tpl cleanup 4/n

Re: Toplevel Makefile.tpl cleanup 5/n

Trailing /. confuses libtool

treelang & C front-end (was: Move -D, -U and -A into the front end)

Re: Treelang does not bootstrap...

Treelang fixes committed

Re: unit at time and local function II

Unreviewed 3.3 backport

Unreviewed patch

unreviewed patch ping

Unreviewed patches

Re: Unreviewed patches^2 / [PATCH] Fix specs processing

Update .pch->.gch suffix in testsuite/lib

Update comments in dominance.c

Update install.texi for Darwin for 3.3 release

use tablejump_p more places

Re: valgrind GCC mods for memcheck.h

Warning fix

Warning introduced by hashtab.c patch

web page updates for new version of FTensor

XHTML fixes for libstdc++ docs

your libgcov patch

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